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Submit an Appraisal Packet

It's your right

Invoking your right to appraisal can be a smooth process.  By sending in this packet and including all of the items requested in the next column, you will greatly reduce lag time and paper shuffling.  If you haven’t read through the Appraisal Page of this site, it is highly recommended that you do, in order to understand the reasoning for appraisal, the process, costs, and time span of negotiation.  In order to complete this form, you’ll need the documents listed in the column on the right of the screen (or below, if you’re on a mobile device).  You will also need to know general information about your loss and damages, and some of your insurance information, like your claim number.  Some people even opt to have their contractor help them fill out the packet.  If you’ve already brushed up on the appraisal process and you’re ready to move forward, you can now collect your documents and data and begin your Appraisal Packet.

To complete the packet below, you will need the following items:
(click on the + symbol for an explanation of what it is or where to find it)

Noble Public Adjusting Group's printable RTA (Right to Appraisal form)

This can be printed right from our website at this link.  This is the legal document that must be completed in order for Noble Public Adjusting Group to represent you to the Insurance Company.  Once we receive it, we will file it with your insurance company to begin the appraisal process.  The insurance company will not begin the process until this document is received, so without it, we can do nothing. Please read through, sign, scan it into your computer, and attach it in the appropriate place on this form.

Carrier's Scope of Loss

This is your insurance company’s estimation of damages and can be obtained by email or mail from your carrier (insurance company).  A lot of times the insurance company will mail you the “Scope of Loss”, after they’ve inspected your property.

Your estimate of loss or damages

Your estimate is usually written by the contractor you’ve hired to restore your property damages.  If you do not have a professional estimate written out and/or have not hired a contractor, we can easily scope your property and write your estimate for you.  You have to have an estimate to show the Insurance Company that your estimated cost of damages is in opposition to the one that they’ve prepared (also known as the scope of loss).  Estimating is a separate service that Noble offers from the appraisal process.  The fee for an estimate is separate from the appraisal fee.  If you need an estimate written or need help finding a contractor, please contact us and we can help you with that.

EagleView Report
Example eagleview picture

Sample EagleView

An EagleView Report is specific to claims involving roof or structural damage and can usually be obtained from the contractor, as it is generally used to write the damage estimate.  EagleView Reports are ordered from the arial photography and data company “EagleView”.  If you do not have a contractor and need to have us write your estimate, we’ll order your EagleView Report for you.  The cost ranges from $40 to $100 and is quoted by EagleView, not Noble.  The report gives satellite pictures of your property and roof, along with the measurements and details that are needed to write an accurate estimate and negotiate your position of loss and your damages.