Florida Hurricane Preparedness Becomes a Year-Round Thing

Noble Public Adjusting Group strives to use our blog as a tool to educate and inform Florida homeowners and commercial property owners. To help accomplish this goal today, we would like to share some very interesting news from an article at the Florida Sun-Sentinel. In an article titled, ‘New Normal’ Requires Year-Round Hurricane Preparedness Mindset, Advocates Urge,” it looks like becoming prepared for a hurricane will no longer be just something we all do during one week in early May, which has always been National Hurricane Preparedness Week. 

Florida Hurricane Preparedness Becomes a Year-Round Thing

Yes, it is true. Preparing for hurricanes is going to become something homeowners and commercial property owners in Florida all do year round, according to the experts. Here is a quote from the Sun-Sentinel article, “In 2017, we had three hurricanes that all set records,” said Craig Fugate, former director of both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Florida Division of Emergency Management. “This is our new normal, and now is the time to get ready.”


Noble Public Adjusting Group firmly agrees with this new development. It is time to be on the lookout and be prepared for hurricanes all year long. And we also strongly urge you to have us go over your Florida homeowner or commercial property insurance policy for free. Right now is the perfect time to make that happen, before Florida gets hit by the next hurricane.

Here is another quote from Craig Fugate, former director of both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Florida Division of Emergency Management in the the above-mentioned article that has to do with insurance, “Plus, too many people still don’t realize their regular property insurance policies, including hurricane insurance for wind damage, won’t cover destruction from rising flood waters, he said. Tens of thousands of Texans suffered the consequences of not having flood insurance after Hurricane Harvey dumped unprecedented amounts of water on the Houston region. Just because someone isn’t in a special flood hazard zone and required to buy insurance if they have a federally backed mortgage doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have flood insurance,” Fugate said.

The fact is when a hurricane strikes Florida next-and rest assured, Florida WILL be hit by at least one hurricane this season–your insurance company is not going to be prepared. They have never been and we doubt they ever will be. History has shown that insurance companies are always too understaffed to handle the volume of insurance claims that come in after a disaster. They also use staff adjusters, people who they pay to examine your loss and come up with an estimate of damages. This person’s job is to help the insurance company by paying out as little as possible or even outright deny your claim.

When you hire Noble to handle your insurance claim after a hurricane, we are the second opinion, the one that really counts. We will file your claim, make our own estimate of damages, which almost always calls for a much bigger settlement than the insurance staff adjuster decided on, and we stay in constant contact with your insurance company until you receive the proper settlement. We will also suggest a vetted contractor in Northwest Florida from a list of trusted contractors we keep, to repair the damages or replace what was lost. As you can see, this means once you hire Noble Public Adjusting Group, everything is then in our hands.

Noble’s home office is in Panama City Beach, but we have offices all across Florida. Call us today to go over your Florida homeowner or commercial property insurance policy before a hurricane hits. This is a service we offer for free as a way to help policyholders and get to know prospective clients.

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