Why You Need a Public Adjuster After a Major Florida Storm

At Noble Public Adjusting Group we want Florida homeowners and commercial property owners to be aware of how much you need a public adjuster after a major Florida storm. It makes us very happy when others agree with us. According to an article from Huffington Post, you DO need a public adjuster after a major storm. The main reason Noble emphasis using a public adjuster after a major Florida storm is that insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims. By handling your insurance claim yourself, you could very well wait many months, even a year, and still not have it settled. That has happened to thousands of Florida policyholders who experienced damage from Hurricane Irma. Almost a year later, they are still waiting for their insurance company to send them a settlement check.

Why You Need a Public Adjuster After a Major Florida Storm

Florida homeowner insurance claims for hurricanes, floods, and windstorms can be filled with red tape and headaches. That’s why Florida homeowners hire public insurance adjusters. Once you hire a Florida public adjuster like Noble, the red tape and headaches become our problem, not yours. In the article referenced above from Huffington Post, here is a great definition of what a public adjuster is, “A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. Your home insurer pays its own adjusters-either in-house or independent-to figure out how much the insurance company should pay for your loss.”

We also really like this quote from the article, “A public adjuster levels the playing field and acts as the insured’s representative in connection with the processing of the claim,” says Nicole Vinson, an insurance attorney with Merlin Law Group in Tampa, Florida. To expound on those quotes, the insurance company’s adjuster works for them, and that adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money, by either paying out as little as possible for a claim or denying the claim outright. The opposite is true for a public insurance adjuster. They work for policyholders to make sure their claim is not denied and to get them the largest settlement possible.

Noble Public Adjusting Group wants you to call us when you receive damages from the next major Florida storm. As stated above, handling your insurance claim yourself is just asking for trouble, especially when the claim is filed after a disaster. You don’t want to end up in the insurance company’s slush pile, waiting forever to get your settlement. You have loyally paid your insurance premiums, so you should receive your settlement in a timely manner.

Call Noble today and let’s go over your Florida homeowner or commercial property owner insurance policy. This is a service we offer for free. Our main office is in Panama City Beach, but Noble can handle an insurance claim anywhere in Florida.

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