A Cautionary Insurance Tale for Florida Condominium Associations

Noble Public Adjusting Group often handles insurance claims for condo associations in Florida. What we have discovered through our years of dealing with these type of insurance claims is that so many condo associations feel they are prepared for disaster and well covered by their insurance policy. However, this is unfortunately not always the case.

A Cautionary Insurance Tale for Florida Condominium Associations

Today on our blog we would like to share a cautionary insurance tale courtesy of the website of the FCAP, (Florida Community Association Professionals.) The title of the article is Surviving Waves of Adversity. In the article, the FCAP shares the experience of a condo association in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here is a quote of great importance to Florida condo associations when it comes to insurance. “The condo was hit by Hurricane Matthew on October 7, 2016. Though the 30-story condominium was prepared for the storm and ready for remediation against any further damage, they did not fully anticipate the battle to extract insurance payment to proceed with reconstruction.” 

What happened next is where our cautionary tale about insurance for Florida condo associations truly begins, with these words from the condo manager, Greg Foster, “In 48 hours, on Monday afternoon after the storm hit on Friday, we had the building boarded and secured,” says Foster. However, their initial encounter with the insurance representatives was daunting. “They walked on the property Monday morning, and I had ServPro there with an 18-wheeler and 100 employees to board up, vacuum, and dehumidify, ripping up carpet left and right. The insurance representative hadn’t even walked in the building yet, but he told the Servpro boss that this was wind-driven rain, so we wouldn’t meet our deductible and they probably wouldn’t get paid. The Servpro guy freaks out—but the crew did continue the work.

The article from the FCAP website is lengthy but we suggest all Florida condo association members take the time to read it and take heed. Here is the conclusion of the article,  “Foster can share advice for facing any storm or catastrophe. “Preparation is key; don’t wait until the last minute,” he advises. “The next essential item is an independent adjuster. You have to hire someone who can deal with these people,” Foster stresses. However, Foster states, “Our biggest problem has been the insurance company. Look at the policy. Read it. Talk to a private adjuster and others besides your agent about it. There may be areas that can save you a large amount with a small additional premium. People need to know their contents coverage. Look at the deductible: there may be a deductible buy-down so that’s not such a large amount. Look at the code upgrade provisions, because some things can’t be put back the way they were if they are destroyed, and that’s all insurance will cover.”

Noble Public Adjusting Group couldn’t have stated it any better! When you Florida condo receives damage, your condo association NEEDS a public adjuster on your side. The insurance adjuster sent by your provider is NOT your friend. He works for the insurance company, not for your condo association. Noble works for policyholders. We go to battle against big corporate insurance to make sure your condo association receives the highest possible insurance settlement.

Before disaster strikes, especially now that we are in the midst of the 2018 Hurricane Season, call Noble Public Adjusting Group and let us give your condo association a FREE insurance policy review. We offer this complimentary service as one more way of showing Florida policyholders that we are on your side, all the way. Do not end up with a tale like that of the above-mentioned condo association in Daytona when it comes to getting your insurance payout fairly and promptly, and at the largest rate possible.

Noble’s home office is in Panama City Beach. However, we can handle a condo association insurance claim anywhere in Florida, and under the right circumstances, also in Texas and Georgia. In fact, if the problem is big enough, we will take on an insurance claim for a condo association anywhere in the US. We hate when insurance companies do policyholders wrong, and we love to take them on, like David took on Goliath, and won.

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