Has Your Florida Commercial Property Been Vandalized?

florida commercial property vandalized

If you are dealing with vandalism of your Florida commercial property, let Noble Public Adjusting Group be the one to file your insurance claim. Call us at 850-299-2297(MYPA) or use our contact form. We will make sure that your vandalism claim is filed with your Florida commercial property insurance company so that they will pay you the money you deserve quickly with a fair settlement.

If your Florida commercial property has been vandalized, follow these steps:

  1. Report the home vandalism to the police

insurance company gameVandalism can take many forms. Trees and bushes around your Florida commercial property may have been destroyed, things can be burned on your commercial property, your property may have been spray painted, the lights or windows can be broken, your locks could be glued, and much more. Your first step is the call the police. However, please note that Noble Public Adjusting Group can even handle this for you. You are already going to be traumatized, so anything we can do to lessen your distress that is within our power, we will do. If you see people in the act of vandalizing your commercial property in Florida, call 911. Pay attention to as many details of the vandals as possible so that you can tell them to the police. If you have just discovered the vandalism and went online to find help, arriving at this blog post, call Noble right now. One of our professional public adjusters will arrive at your Florida commercial property asap and help you from that point forward.

  1. Call Noble Public Adjusting Group

You need someone on your side if your Florida commercial property has been vandalized. Noble Public Adjusting Group knows intimately the ins and outs of Florida commercial insurance law. We know what your insurance company owes you. We also know that, far too often, company’s try to get by without paying you what you deserve. Talk to us so we can help make sure that your claim gets through. We have also built up great relationships with many commercial property repair businesses in Florida and we can help you figure the best one to help repair or clean up any vandalism damage.

  1. Take pictures

After any immediate danger has passed and you’ve given Noble a call, make sure you take pictures of the damage from the vandalism. Of course, Noble can also help with this since we are very acquainted with what the insurance company will want to see. You may want to put cover up any damaged windows or start cleaning up any shattered glass, but make sure you get pictures first. This will help with your Florida commercial property insurance claim and also could help with any police investigation.

If you have been the victim of vandalism at your commercial property in Florida, call us at Noble Public Adjusting Group today. We are here to help you get your life and business back to normal. You don’t have to navigate the trials of filing an insurance claim alone. We can help you through every step of the process. Noble’s home office is in Panama City Beach, but we can handle a commercial property vandalism insurance claim anywhere in Florida.

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