Common Types of Residential Storm Damage

Storm damage can occur in different forms and affect residential buildings in different ways, especially that they cannot be fully predicted.

The most common types of residential storm damage include:

Wind Damage

The part of a home which is most affected by wind is the roof, so it must receive particular attention when it comes to installation and regular, preventative maintenance. There are different categories of roofing materials and some of them are designed to withstand high winds, but not all people have the money to invest in such materials.

Flood damage

The destructive potential of flooding is huge.  Water infiltrates from the basement, which is a very vulnerable area of a building, and may enter in the house as well, compromising everything in its way.

Fire damage

Not as common as the previous types of storm damage, fire damage may still have a significant occurrence and destructive potential. During a storm, fire might be produced by lightning that cause short-circuits and vegetation fires that may extend quickly and turn into a disaster.

There are different degrees of damage, and not all of them pose major threats to residential buildings or threaten the personal safety of their residents. But there are unfortunate cases when all you can do is seek a storm restoration claims adjuster Florida professional for the best possible claims payment.

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