Things to Look for During Your Home Inspection


A home inspection has an informative and a preventative purpose. It is performed to evaluate a building’s overall condition, which is useful for the existing owners, as well as for potential buyers.

If you plan a home inspection, your first concern should be to find an impartial home inspector to do an objective evaluation. You must schedule the inspection at a time that allows you to be present. Make sure you have your questions prepared and you point out specific problems that need to be cleared up.

If you do not understand every aspect that the inspector talks about, make sure to ask for explanations.

What should you expect from a home inspection?

A home inspector will head to all the important places of the house. The roof, the attic, the basement – everything will be evaluated and it is not just about the walls but also about the plumbing system, electric system etc. He will use a camera to photograph different issues to point them to you and make you understand the problem with them.

Current technology may also allow home inspectors to use infrared and thermal cameras that help you see what is behind walls and floors.

Should you find yourself needing an impartial public adjuster claim specialist, having a previously completed home inspection is helpful.

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