30A Situation. Let’s go to war.

Insurance Wars, Season 1, Episode 4 Bo is heard saying ‘Let’s go to War.’  Most would agree War is exactly what the Insurance Game is all about with the Insurance Company’s unethical Insurance Adjusters, lies and omissions.  Noble Public Adjusting Group has pointed their film in the polar opposite direction toward integrity and honesty and they’ve taken a strong stand for Little Guy to fight for what is rightfully due.

Debra was left with a measly $2500 Insurance check to cover all the repairs in her home which was damaged by water and mold from a burst pipe.  The Insurance Adjuster saw for himself her kitchen cabinets, floors and walls were damaged beyond repair.  Replacement estimates for the cabinets alone was near $30,000.  To make matters worse, the Insurance company’s contractor was testing for leaks during their damage assessment and caused another pipe to burst further damaging more of her property.  You can probably guess their response.  The Insurance Company denied any responsibility.

Noble came into the picture, assessed the damage, listened to Debra’s nightmarish dilemma and took a strong-handed over this claim.  IN a meeting with the Insurance Adjuster, Noble spoke about how ridiculous $2500 is and offered the Insurance Adjuster the contracting job to do the repairs himself for $2500, which he obviously refused the bid citing he had ‘soft hands.’  Noble responded it was time to file a lawsuit.

Do all the episodes have such dramatic and drastic estimate differences?

Yes, because Insurance Adjusters are out to Save the Insurance Company money.  They are not fighting for the policyholder or for their home.  As Debra said, she’d been paying her premiums all this time, believing her Insurance Company would be there for her but they proved her wrong and showed their true colors.  Because Debra had been forced out of her home for an extended period of time, the Insurance company was also liable for Additional Living Expenses which Noble had to fight for.  When all was said and done, she was given $160,000.00.

Insurance companies are notorious for being sneaky, cheating and even breaking laws as this episode pointed out when this Insurance company refused to send out an Adjuster who was actually allowed to negotiate.

Word to the wise is, don’t be a victim a second time dealing with your Insurance Carrier alone on your Claim.  Noble Public Adjusting Group can help and if you are interested in having them represent you on the set of Insurance Wars, fill out a form on the website.

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