Steps to hiring a Public Adjuster and why you need one.

Hurricane Michael annihilated just about everything in our communities. Homes, businesses, condos, commercial properties, and personal vacation properties are damaged and many are a total loss, but we are determined to rebuild, one step at a time.

Insurance Policies might be in place to help with that process however most policy holder’s haven’t filed claims before and they aren’t aware they need representation to get the most out of their claim.  Representation means retaining or hiring a Public Adjuster to work on the policy holder’s behalf. When people have representation, claim payouts are 747% higher on average than claims without.

Why is it important to hire a public adjuster?  

This is important because Insurance companies use tactics to delay paying claims.  They often undervalue them, minimize them or deny them altogether just to make a profit.  They process claims with the hope a policyholder will react quickly to the situation, remaining unaware that more money can and should rightfully be paid out.  The Insurance company knows if you, the policyholder, is unrepresented, their experts will be in control and will work hard on the Insurance Company’s behalf, not on yours.  

What is the process of hiring a public adjuster?

Before you do anything, call your Insurance Company and get your claim filed.  Make sure you ask for and have this important information before you end that call:

    1. Your Claim Number
    2. Your Policy Number
    3. Your Inspection Date
    4. Ask they email a copy of your Policy to you

Once you have that information, you are ready to hire your Public Adjuster.

Why hire Noble Public Adjusting Group?

Noble Public Adjusting Group is the best option because we have lived and worked in these communities every day and we are experts in this field.  We are your neighbor and know firsthand what it will take to rebuild. Noble Public Adjusting Group is here to help you and work for you, so you can get the most out of your claim and begin that process.  We also don’t get paid if you don’t get paid so you have nothing to lose but have much to gain.

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