Insurance Company Claim Call in Numbers

List of Insurance Claim Call-In numbers. PLEASE SHARE on to make it easier for people who need to file a claim! If you don’t know how to process your own claim, that’s what we do! Please fill out a Request for Inspection, after you call in your claim, and we will come help you!

State Farm 800-782-8332
Allstate 800-255-7828
Nationwide 800-421-3535
Federated National 800-293-2532
Cabrillo Coastal/Safe Harbor/National Fire & Marine 866-482-5246
Chubb Insurance 866-324-8222
Amica 800-242-6422
MetLife 800-854-6011
Tower Hill 800-216-3711
Travelers 800-252-4633
Progressive 800-776-4737
Florida Specialty 866-554-5896
Florida Peninsula 866-549-9672
Edison Insurance 888-683-7971
Security First 877-581-4862
St. John’s 877-748-2059
United Property and Casualty 888-256-3378
Universal 866-999-0898
Citizens 866-411-2742
Home Owner’s Choice 866-324-3138
Southern Fidelity 866-722-4995
Cypress 800-560-5224

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