Insurance Wars – Season 1, Episode 8 “Whirlwind”

Chris was beyond frustrated when showing Noble Public Adjusting Group all the tornado and wind damage to his home of 10 years that still needed to be repaired.  His Insurance Company came out for an assessment and quickly cut a check for a mere $25,000, which fixed very little and was not anywhere near the amount needed.  The Public Adjusters told Chris this is a common practice by Insurance Companies.  Their hope is to catch a homeowner when they are vulnerable and coax them into signing a Release and if it is signed, it means the Claim is over and done with.

The Insurance Adjuster and Public Adjusters later met on the property to discuss the damages but the heated arguments got them nowhere except landing in agreement that they would have to battle it out in court.  That battle was quick, however, because the Public Adjusters know the laws and when all was said and done, Chris received a second check for $131,000!  This $156,000 claim payout was a total win for Insurance Wars because the Public Adjusters were spot on with their assessments and with their help, they were able to get this homeowner exactly what was Just and Right for his Property Damage Insurance Claim.

I’m intrigued! Where can I see more Insurance Wars episodes?

You can see full-length episodes of Insurance Wars right here!

Will you be filming more episodes?

Yes!  We have officially kicked off Season 2 with filming so be on the lookout for many more exciting twists and turns with the cast and staff of Noble Public Adjusting Group on the battlefield. If you have a claim and need our help, are curious about being on the show this upcoming season, go to our website and fill out a form.

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