Modern Day Metaphor. Modern Day Hero.

Everyone has heard the story of David and Goliath.  David, in this modern day Insurance Wars warfare story, is the Public Adjuster who is fighting for the Policyholder and their Property Damage Insurance Claim.  Goliath is no other than Big Corporate Insurance and he is indeed, a Giant.  Many property owners have lost their homes and personal belongings due to Forces of Nature they had no control over and the rational and legal next step in the Property Insurance realm is to file a Claim.  However, because these Claims are filed with Insurance Giants, who have pools of their own Adjusters and a bottomless pit of money at their disposal, the end to these stories for the policyholder is almost always predictable.  It has become an all too common charade of the policyholder being stunned with Goliath’s initial response, being let down, misled, not protected, under compensated and still living with damages that have not been repaired or replaced.

Noble Public Adjusting Group, the Hero, decided they wouldn’t sit idly by and let it happen any longer.  They took matters into their own hands and began standing strong on the front line in countless battles where they have victoriously conquered their clients’ Goliath.  This firm has delivered to so many what is Right and Just and they have grown to become the largest and most respected Public Adjusting firm in Florida.

From Local Hero to Reality TV?

The stories of this modern day Hero and what this firm has been doing and accomplishing for the average policyholder was just too significant to keep quiet and as people began noticing, sharing stories and referring this firm to everyone they know, the Insurance Wars Reality TV show was born.

The cast of this amazing show is the staff of Noble Public Adjusting Group, with real clients, engineers, insurance personnel, contractors and many locals.  Insurance Wars, Season 1 is available on Youtube and airing on network television.  Season 2 is currently being filmed.

It’s a gripping truth that has been uncovered and you won’t want to miss a single episode!

If you have been getting the runaround from your Insurance Carrier on your Claim, or if you have a claim that needs to be filed after Hurricane Michael and you are interested in having Noble Public Adjusting Group represent you on the set of Insurance Wars, fill out a form on our website.

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