Are they done yet?

Hurricane Michael did a real number on our Florida communities and the rebuilding process is going to take years.  It is frustrating and many are without homes, they feel helpless and afraid there is no one to help them.  Many have Insurance but were offered a ridiculous Settlement or they’ve yet to hear a reply.  Luckily the State of Florida has Laws in place to protect Policyholders.  One Law, in particular, is the time limit an Insurance Carrier has to pay on a Claim.

What is the time limit?

Florida Law says an Insurance Carrier has 90 days to Pay or Deny a Claim.  They can, however, file for a 15-day Extension.  If you aren’t represented by a Public Adjuster, the Insurance Companies tend to offer low-ball Settlements after Catastrophes like Hurricane Michael and they do it fairly quickly.  Their goal is to save money by catching a Property Owner at a low point when they are most vulnerable.  Don’t fall victim to that.

Do Public Adjuster’s delay the process even further?

No.  Hiring a Public Adjuster means you have someone on your side, working for you, who knows the State Statues, Building Codes, Estimation Process and has the resources to complete a thorough job thus preparing a solid Claims process.  Noble Public Adjusting Group typically takes on average two weeks to complete the Estimate then we get to work negotiating.  From beginning to end most Claims take three to four months.  A property that is claiming a Total Loss can sometimes Settle quicker.

Your best bet is to hire a Local company and Noble Public Adjusting Group is that firm.  Our headquarters is in the West area of Panama City Beach and we are fully staffed, ready to help you.

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