Are you Kidding me?

Noble Public Adjusting Group was working with a client just this week to assess damages on their family home.  A text came into Bo afterward which left him stewing in Total Outrage.  Noble is built on Integrity, Honesty, Character, Communication, Respect, and Nobility and this situation he was hearing about, is nothing short of appalling.

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What did he hear?

Let’s set the stage if you will.  The wife, who is the Homeowner/Policyholder, was at home with her young son during this Adjustment and representing her, as her Public Adjuster, was Noble’s Apprentice.  Representing this MAJOR Insurance Carrier was an Independent Adjuster and also in attendance was a Catastrophic Adjuster.

Some additional points to note that are unfortunately relevant in this situation are the Catastrophic Adjuster is a very tall and very large individual.  There is also someone in the home who requires oxygen support and members of the family don red hair.

Noble’s Apprentice and the Independent Adjuster were working away gathering information, discussing damages, etc just as they are required to do.  The Catastrophic Adjuster, however, had another Opportunistic Agenda.

This person, not doing his job, isolated this woman where he stood over her and began belittling her, her family and her situation.  He called her a Liar and spouted out many other unethical and unprofessional things never worth repeating, all of which he did while no one else was around.

Not only did this person exhibit frightening and dominating behavior over her, but he also took it one step further into the realm of disgust.  This huge man cornered their tiny little boy on their porch, where he was all alone, and began calling him slur names and telling him the neighbor was his daddy.

Isn’t it interesting how a Bully, regardless of their age, can time things just right when their intent is to engage and attack?  As Bo investigated further, the Apprentice and the Insurance Adjuster said they witnessed how visibly shaken the Homeowner was when they re-entered the room.

Just who are the people these Insurance Companies are employing?

Unfortunately many are unprofessional, many have no Insurance Industry or State Statute Knowledge, others are Unlicensed, not Bonded, many are Unethical, and some just downright dirty.  This Insurance Company sets a very good example of why Policyholders need to hire their own Public Adjuster.

While we cannot prevent every sneak attack or wrong-doing, you can bet Noble Public Adjusting Group is fighting for this family and will fight for you.  If you need help with your Claim, give us a call.  If you are interested in being represented by Noble or want to be on the set of Insurance Wars, go to and fill out a form.

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