If you can Fog a Mirror…

It’s post-Hurricane Michael, on the evening of October 25, 2018, and Noble Public Adjusting Group has been out in the field diligently working to meet with all those who have phoned in asking for help.  Unfortunately, the Insurance Carriers have already made their way on the scene too.

Bo shot a quick Live Video to reach out as a PSA on Social Media just so he could warn homeowners of what he and his team are witnessing by the Insurance Carriers’ typical, unethical business practices.  This Blog Post will give you some information as well and spreading the word to your friends and families is encouraged regardless if there is a residential or commercial situation.

What exactly is Noble Public Adjusting Group seeing?

Bo said he’d met with a client who was dealing with a total property loss, meaning this family lost everything.  The client told Bo the Insurance Adjuster had already come by when no Public Adjuster was present, and the Insurance Adjuster made an offer of $38,000.00.  $38,000.00 doesn’t go very far these days in purchasing homes and it is nowhere near what will be needed to build one from the ground up.  The question is, why was that such a low ball settlement given this client is suffering a total loss of his home?

The frightening answer is these Insurance Carriers are hiring people right off the street, basically looking for anyone who can fog a mirror.  Many of these adjusters who will be hitting the ground in Florida to do these Damage Assessments didn’t have a job yesterday and they have zero experience in Adjusting, they have No License, No Bond, No Insurance, they do not know how to write an Estimate, know nothing about Estimates, know nothing about Construction, Building Codes, State Statues, etc.

These Insurance Carriers, just to get paperwork off their desks, have hired a whole lot of bodies to make their way around the destruction zones but these bodies can’t do anything but guess and assume their way to a settlement with the unsuspecting Policy Holder.  One Adjuster said the Client would have to re-nail the roof decking because the wind pressure was so strong.  Bo, rather frustrated, said that falls under Florida Building Code and it has to be done anyway so wouldn’t an experienced Adjuster know that?  Another Adjuster admitted the property he was assessing was his very first Adjustment ever.

What am I supposed to do to avoid getting into a situation like that?

Call Noble Public Adjusting Group before you do anything else and do not sign any documents with your Insurance Company.  Those documents need to be looked at, the policy needs to be reviewed and the property needs to be assessed for damages by someone that is licensed and works for you.  You need someone who does know the laws, statues, and so forth and has all the credentials necessary to get you what is right and just.

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