A 15-minute Estimate? No thanks.

If you have a Damage Claim and the Insurance Adjuster came out to your property, walked around and offered you a Settlement in a matter of minutes, chances are you are not getting what you are entitled.  Pennies on the Dollar won’t fix much of the destruction after Hurricane Michael and we need to hold these Insurance Companies accountable.

What will Noble do for me?

Noble Public Adjusting Group will come out and do a thorough Estimate, will provide all the necessary documentation to support the Claim and it will be used in negotiating a proper Settlement with your Insurance Provider.  We don’t do drive by’s.  We bring out the big guns and document accurate readings by way of Moisture Testing, Moisture Mapping, Moisture Meters, Flir guns, Water Mitigation professionals, etc.  We take time on your property to ensure everything that is an issue and should be covered by your Policy, is looked at.

Getting Estimates from Contractors up front can also be a bad idea.  Let’s say you don’t have a Public Adjuster and you have three guys come out who each bid for the job.  Legally you have to turn over those bids to your Insurance Carrier and because the Insurance Carrier only cares about their bottom line, they will choose the lowest bid.  That bid is usually not accurate or reliable and could be from someone new to the industry.  They may be new in construction altogether, might be desperate for the work and not afraid to cut corners because they are in hurry to get to the next job.  That’s not an ideal situation for you when you should be getting everything owed to you per your Policy.

How do I know what I’m owed?

We look at your policy, assess the damages and fight for you from beginning to end.  Noble Public Adjusting Group has all the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done.

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