There is nowhere else to stay.

Many calls and questions have come in asking if a Policyholder can purchase an RV or Trailer to live in while their home is being repaired.  The short answer is yes, but it’s almost a guarantee the Insurance Companies will do their best to deny paying for them.  However, we will be fighting hard against those denials because Hurricane Michael left almost no short-term housing behind.  This hurricane destroyed somewhere near 2000 square miles throughout Florida and this option really does need to be a concession for Policyholders.  Where else are they supposed to go otherwise?

How do we get Insurance Carriers to cover an RV or Trailer?

Most Insurance Policies include Additional Living Expenses and Loss of Use but there is a maximum time limit, calculations, and stipulations as to what all of that means.  Basically, for ALE, they’ll pay up to a year.  The calculation breaks down something like this.  Let’s say if you were to rent your home and you could get $3000 a month, your ALE would be $36,000.00 for the year but that cost won’t be paid up front.  Costs are only covered once expenses are incurred.  The stipulations include things like providing expenses for the rent you are paying, your food costs, etc and for all of it, they require proof by way of ledgers, receipts and so forth.  We suggest being diligent in documenting everything.

The only real way to get an Insurance Company to cover the costs of an RV under the ALE would be if the RV was a Lease to Own, Rent to Own or possibly you’d buy it and prorate it.  No matter what, before you go that route, your Policy must be looked at and Noble can help with that.

Where can I get in touch with you?

Noble Public Adjusting Group can be contacted by any of the methods below and you can connect with us on Facebook.  We are here to help as your Public Adjuster, to fight for you and be your advocate throughout the entire process.


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