We’ve ignored our Vets long enough.

help veterans after hurricane michael

It’s time to set a new standard.  We’ve all seen the man on the corner holding the sign saying ‘Homeless Vet. Anything helps.’  Most of us know our American Freedoms come at a high cost and with very difficult and painful sacrifices.  The question is why haven’t we helped him?  Why is he now begging for help after serving our country to ensure we as a nation maintain our Freedoms?  Are we too prideful?  Is it our own selfish ego or our own desires that keep us from helping?  Is it because we are too busy or too consumed with our own problems or is it because we just don’t feel obligated or responsible?  The reality is it can be many of those reasons, but the only truth is none of them are ever an excuse.  Ever.

You’re right.  How can I help Vets after Hurricane Michael?

 Let us tell you about a disturbing reality that the average, fair-minded and objective American will find unjust and unacceptable.  This past Friday, Noble Public Adjusting Group was speaking with an Insurance Carrier about a Property Damage Claim filed by an American Vet.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael destroyed his home.

He has a Homeowner’s Policy that includes Additional Living Expenses but since the destruction, this Vet has been living in a tent and waiting for the Insurance Company to act on his Claim.  They are legally bound to cover the cost of rent and food but they’ve done nothing except deny and delay getting him funds or immediate shelter.  The Insurance Company took it even further saying they would have to get back with us on Tuesday because they were closed on Sunday and Monday to celebrate and observe Veterans Day.

Wait a second. They are doing what and for what reason?

They are closed for Veteran’s Day so they can celebrate and enjoy the very freedoms our American Vet’s fought for.  They take no issue, however, that their client is living in a tent and has no money or food yet he has a Policy ensuring they would take care of him during his time of need.  Rather than helping this man, they are celebrating and observing his actions, sacrifices and the gifts our country received by taking time off from work.  This is not irony folks, this is disturbing.

Perhaps we’ve finally reached a time in our society where we need to change how we celebrate and observe Veterans Day.  Our US-based companies should learn for themselves what it means to go beyond the call of duty, to serve and make sacrifices for Veterans in return for all the beneficial goodness our Veterans gave us.  These companies need to see what an act of Dishonor it is to ignore the needs of our Vets and how shameful it is for them to turn their backs on these Vets when they should be helping.

Let’s set a new standard and give our Vet’s the respect, honor,  and appreciation they deserve.  We should never again allow another Vet to go down in American History as being ignored, overlooked or impoverished.

Noble Public Adjusting Group has many Veterans on staff and all of us will be here working through the Holiday.  We are your neighbor and advocate and like those of us here who have served, we know your sacrifices and we Thank You for all you have done.  We are here to fight for you and if you are interested in being represented by us, give us a call.  God Bless America!


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