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Most of us want to help after a Catastrophe but many don’t know how.  Do you send money?  Do you jump in your truck and drive to the scene?  Is it safe?  Where will you stay?  These are just some of the questions people need answers to and we at Noble Public Adjusting Group can offer some basics.

How can I help after a Hurricane?

After this kind of catastrophe, we should be our best by coming together and sharing what we have.  We have to realize people are vulnerable, emotional and fearful of what lies ahead and we should be the kind of people who will be there for them, who truly care and are willing to provide the help they need. get engaged with a pa for hurricane michael

If you are local and have properties available, one of the most important things you can do is open your hearts and doors and give your community members a place to stay.  If you have running water, realize it is a precious and crucial resource, not everyone will have it or be able to access it and we should provide as much as possible.  The same goes for food.  None of us can survive without those basic essentials.

If you aren’t local and are heading to the destruction zone, bring supplies.  Bottled water, food, medicine, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and toiletries are always needed and very helpful.  Medical personnel and supplies are always needed. Gasoline can be brought in marked fuel containers to the affected areas.  Generators are always useful.

If you want to help with clean up, bring chainsaws to help cut down and remove tree limbs.  There are professional and insured tree removal companies but after devastating hurricanes, the need to get the debris off roadways is so high that most would appreciate the assistance.  If you have another profession that will help, such as roofers or engineers, you can bring a tarp, shrink wrap and other tools to help with the Mitigation process.  For other specific needs, local news stations or shelters are a great resource for keeping everyone informed of the neighborhood needs.

 Noble Public Adjusting Group is here to help and as your Local Public Adjuster, we are your neighbor and advocate.  If you are interested in being represented by us in the Claims process, give us a call.

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