Liberty, once Lost, is Lost Forever.

Over time our Legislature has passed and continues to pass Laws that most don’t see as a chipping away at our Liberties but as time continues, let’s say over a course of 100 years, our descendants actually think and believe the current practices are normal.  Well, they’re not normal and our country was actually founded on very different principals, mostly by Godly men, who had Integrity and Tact.  Our forefathers were church attending, praying men who understood true Democracy but that Democracy isn’t the witch hunts the media portrays today.  It was instead a coming together in a room full of Noble men, from different backgrounds, with different Educations and different Skill Sets, and these men truly Respected each other and worked together to create our Founding Documents.  There were disagreements but the division we see today didn’t exist back then and as a matter of fact most of these men even attended the same church sermons and prayed before Legal matters were addressed.

These men knew a thing or two about dignity and taking the time to look at and have open, honest discussions about issues that both their generation and generations to come would face.  Sadly over time, we seem to have forgotten that.  Many of the meeting minutes, legal documents and prayers that are part of our Founding Documents were hidden away, facts were twisted and a vicious cycle of Amendments that only benefited certain groups began.

The ripple effect is what we see today, and it runs rampant in the Insurance industry.  We do not know who is bed with whom nor do we know what payoffs are occurring behind the scenes or under the table.  Noble Public Adjusting Group believes in pointing out what is Truthful, Factual and Lawful.  They take a position of Integrity that often lands them in very heated situations because the other side has hidden agendas they will go after, at any cost.

Legislation and the Insurance Industry.

Insurance Wars, Season 1, Episode 5, Hermine.  This episode speaks to vast differences in many types of Insurance situations, how the Laws are constantly changing and how less and less is being covered by the Carriers despite their continued premium hikes and profit margins.

Take for instance a policy they discuss that says if you have Tornado Damage, this and that will be covered and the deductible is X amount.  However, if the same home suffers Hurricane Damage, that deductible is multiplied three times?  How is that Right and Just?  It’s not, and this is just one example of an unjust policy we should be questioning with our government officials and Insurance Carriers.


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