Where are the Insurance Carriers now?

It’s a head-scratcher, to say the least.  Truth is, these Insurance Companies are either out in the field hoping to make a quick low-ball Settlement using inexperienced staff they’ve just hired and or they are ignoring their Policyholders entirely.  It’s a preposterous situation.

What exactly is Noble seeing?

The first of these situations is the quick low-ball Settlement Offer.  What we’ve seen over the last 4 weeks since Hurricane Michael is Insurance Companies offering twenty cents on the dollar.  That’s it.  We are also seeing these Offers come in excluding items such as Debris Removal costs even though they should be included.  If a Policyholder has consistently paid their premiums why then are these Insurance Carriers only offering pennies on the dollar and blatantly disregarding the Policy?  Once again, the answer is it’s all about their profit and their bottom line.hurricane michael sos

The second situation we can be more specific about.  A family we are helping suffered a Total Loss of their home and they are living in a tent on their property.  The Insurance Company sent out one of their Adjusters to assess the damages and that information was sent back to their offices.  However, nothing has been paid, not a single cent for this family, not even Additional Living Expenses.

Noble got involved, called the Insurance Carrier and we were told the family had not submitted a Proof of Loss Form.  Because there is a time limit to get these forms submitted it could be the Carrier was hoping the Policyholder didn’t meet the deadline, therefore, they would be in Breach of Contract or perhaps this Insurance Carrier just didn’t pay close enough attention to this family’s living situation.  Either way, after a catastrophic disaster, would it not have been a more Noble act to simply let these Policyholders know on the spot what their next step should be?

What did the Insurance Carrier say after speaking to Noble?

Interestingly enough, Noble said they’d have the form to them tomorrow and the Insurance Carrier responded saying they still wouldn’t be sending the Claim to a Desk Examiner/Adjuster.  Basically, this company is doing everything in their power to buy themselves more time meanwhile this family has nothing and is living in a tent.

Noble Public Adjusting Group wants to do all we can to help and just like with this family, we are here to fight for you too and be your advocate.  If you are interested in being represented by us please give us a call.  If you want to be on the set of Insurance Wars, go to and fill out a form.

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