Why we do what we do.

With Insurance Wars Season 1 back on the screen and Season 2 currently being filmed, we thought we would tell you why we do what we do by way of Reviews and Comments we’ve been reading.  There’s something to be said for the masses who believe in you and stand behind you in your quest for truth and justice when your goal is to be of service and help to those with no voice.  We do that by shining a light into what was once a dark place.

we do this to help you after hurricane michaelFor too long people have had to just take the Insurance Company’s poor treatment toward them of delaying, underpaying and even denying their Claim.  We find value in people and in their circumstances and we did something about it by shining a light into that darkness.  Noble Public Adjusting Group is not only owned by a Christian family, but they also employ a staff of Marine and Navy veterans whose ultimate goal is to HELP people in these terrible situations.

What are people saying about Noble and Insurance Wars?

Deana L., Rachel M. and so many others have said Thank you.  Robert O. said, “Thank you for standing up in all roles of your life.”  Edward C. left this comment “This is the kind of reality show we need.”  Cassandra H., another viewer said she really liked the first season.  Ken P. had this to say, “What an invaluable service!”  Carla B. wrote, “Everyone needs people like you guys to fight for their rights.”  Dave D. said, “This is why a good PA is priceless.”  Ryan W. asked if he could put a sign of ours in his yard.  Sherry J. says she highly recommends everyone watch Insurance Wars because it opened her eyes to so much.

Those reviews and comments are just a small sample of what we hear every day and many wish they’d known about us back when they filed their claims.  People don’t know they have a right to an advocate and there is no need for them to suffer even further when they have a Policy in place.  This is why we do what we do.

The result?

It’s a rather interesting side effect.  A good leader who acts with Dignity, Integrity, and Nobility is actually setting a much-needed example in these days of selfishness and greed.  Many who’ve seen the episodes and know or hear about us are finding themselves hungry to be just as good, to do right by others and to stand up for wrongs.  It’s a blessing really.  Interestingly enough, when these wrongs are brought to light in some of the episodes, you can visibly see enlightenment or a change of heart occurring in some of the faces.

Since originally airing, we’ve had other PA’s asking to join our efforts and for that, we have an affiliate program.  One newer and younger PA recently said to us ‘Never change, you are somebody I look up to and Noble is one of my idols.’  It just doesn’t get better than that.  When you have the right intentions, you can change lives for the better.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is your neighbor and advocate.  We are here to stand up and fight for you and if you are interested in being represented by us, give us a call.

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