Hometown Hero!

Noble Public Adjusting Group has been sponsoring the Tallahassee Florida Men’s Adult Softball League for the last four years.  It’s actually a family affair and just like the closeness and brotherhood that’s so apparent at Noble, that same respect, loyalty, and commitment is alive and well on this amazing softball team.  We should also mention the team placed 2nd in year one, two and three and placed 1st this year!

What makes this team so special?

Many things make this team special.  The core members have a real Brotherhood, in the sense of being there for each other but there are real genetics at play here.  First of all, Kaleb Mock is Bo Williamson’s brother-in-law and as most of you know, Bo is the owner of Noble Public Adjusting Group.  Kaleb is known as the team’s lead for RBI’s and Home Runs.  Kaleb’s brother, Brian Mock, is also on the team and is the best at Driving Catches in both Offense and Defense.  Athleticism is clearly prevalent in this gene pool.

There is another set of brothers on this softball team as well.  Adam Johnson, the team’s Pitcher and Shortstop, proudly shares the spotlight with his brother Steven Johnson, who is the team’s Place Hitter.  Steven is known for his Knuckleballs, Slow Pitches and Curveballs.  This is another athletic family!

Cody Ragans, also known as “Cody Husky” is the Power Hitter and team’s Second Baseman.  He has a good glove for those hard hit balls.  Cody Volz, who is a Right Handed Hitter has no problem with Place Hitting.  If the team needs a hit to land in the opposite field, Cody is the man.  Kyle Peters, the Leadoff guy, is also super fast and born to deliver speed.  What team wouldn’t want him around? 

This sounds like this is a fantastic team to watch and get to know.

Yes, they are a fantastic team in every aspect!  What you have here is a real family who, even in their offseason, gets together to practice and scrimmage after church on Sundays. Noble Public Adjusting Group is quite proud of this awesome team and sponsoring them is a no-brainer.  Just as Noble is known as the Hometown Hero, this team carries that title as well. 

If you need help after the Hurricane which has so deeply affected our communities in Florida, or if you need help with your Claim, give Noble a call. 

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