Lead a Horse to Water.

We began Insurance Wars to educate people in advance of how corrupt the Insurance Industry is.  Unfortunately, some of the professionals that work within it, are Brainwashed and we’d like to explain how that happens as well as how it can affect the Policy Holder and their Claim.

What do you mean by Brainwashed?

We should first tell you there are Codes of Ethics that must be abided by and that includes preventing Insurance Professionals and Adjusters from discouraging a Policy Holder from using a Public Adjuster.  However that discouraging does still occur. 

Insurance Adjusters can often be in a difficult place and they can very easily fall victim to Brainwashing when strict positions of Claims payouts are handed down by their boss, the Insurance Carrier. 

We’ll give you an example.  The Insurance Company sends out their newly hired Insurance Adjuster to your property.  He assesses the Damages and Adjusts your claim for $100,000.  That adjuster’s payment for his work on the Claim is somewhere around $3000 and he submits his damage reports and all other relevant data to his boss.  However, they reject his Adjustment.  This Insurance Carrier, who has Billions of Dollars at their disposal effectively says to the New Insurance Adjuster, ‘No, we will not be paying that amount and you must figure out a way to rewrite the loss at $25,000.”

The Insurance Adjuster is caught between a rock and a hard place and he begins chipping away and omitting critical and rightful Damages on the Claim.  In addition, because he needs job security, he is willing to take the lesser adjuster’s fee of $600.

This scenario occurs time and time again for him and he becomes accustomed to not Adjusting the Claim properly, to begin with. 

Noble Public Adjusting Group has found that even good people who are Insurance Adjusters end up in this Brainwashing camp.  We know this because we have hired them and have had to erase the bad information and bad business practices they’ve learned and we have taught them the proper and legal ways.  It doesn’t take long for them to have an epiphany because most tell us they will never again work for another Insurance Company.  Lead a horse to Water, right?

How can a Policy-Holder protect himself from that kind of highway robbery Insurance Adjusting?

The answer is to hire the right Public Adjuster. Hire Noble Public Adjusting Group. The Insurance Company has someone working for them so why not have someone working for you? 

The Policy Holder needs to take a stand because most Claims and Damages are not the focus or the consideration of the Insurance Company and most Claims filed without the aid of a Public Adjuster are paid $0.20 on the $1.00, on average.  Thankfully, there are Laws and State Statues in place and a Public Adjuster is the one true expert in this area that can and will help ensure Claims are adjusted and paid properly.

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