You Decide.

Those words are music to an Insurance Carrier’s ears but letting your Insurance Company simply decide what to pay on your Claim is not in your best interest.  There are Policies, Laws, State Statues and Building Codes in place to help with those calculations so don’t be that guy who isn’t prepared or the one who doesn’t know any better.  Insurance Carriers should not be given that opportunity and from experience, we all know if they have it, they certainly will not pay what is right and just.  Your best defense is to be fully prepared so your Claim is paid properly and your property can be restored.

How do I make sure I am prepared?

The Number One rule is to make sure your Claim is presented in its most favorable light possible, and is regarding all allowable Coverages under your Policy.  That means you must include documentations, expert analyses, moisture mapping, mold analyses, itemized estimates, emails, photographs and notes.  If the windows or doors are shifting or swelled, that information must be included.  An Engineer should evaluate the home or business to provide documentation on the roofing and trusses and other important and affected areas.  Other Structures, your Contents, and an itemized list of Additional Living Expenses are also crucial to ensure you receive a proper payout.

There are timelines the Carrier must abide by as well and in the state of Florida they have 14 days to acknowledge receipt of a Claim and 90 days to pay or deny it.

That seems like a lot of work.  Can’t I just call my Insurance Carrier and expect them to Adjust my Claim properly and send me a check?

Unfortunately the answer is we should never assume our Insurance Carrier will Adjust  a Claim on any Claimants behalf because they are in the business of making money.  To make that money they have to save it somehow and that means paying as little on Claims as possible.  Keep in mind these Insurance Companies are usually large conglomerates who have Adjusters and Experts whom they employ and pay to represent them.  The question is who represents you?

To ensure your Claim is Adjusted completely, accurately and properly, it is in your best interest to hire a Public Adjuster to work for you.  Noble Public Adjusting Group is here to help and we are the only fully staffed, Local PA in our area.  We too have Experts working for and with us who know their field, the Laws, State Statues and Building Codes and we can help you get the most out of your Claim.

If you need help with your Claim after Hurricane Michael, give Noble Public Adjusting Group a call.  If you want to be on the set of Insurance Wars, go to and fill out a form. 

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