Opening the Can of Worms.

Did you know you can hire your own Engineer to refute the findings of the Insurance Company’s Engineer?  You may be asking why you would do that but many Engineers do not know much about Matching Statutes, Florida Building Codes, Product Appreciation Codes or of the Insurance process as a whole.  If your Insurance Carrier has sent an Engineer to your home or business, you can bet they are biased and aren’t working with all of the knowledge that’s necessary for you to get the most out of your Claim.

What are the Engineers missing?

Most Engineers are looking at the structural aspects of buildings but don’t know what is or is not included in your Policy.  An Engineer, for instance, might say the chipped paint, stucco or siding damage should be considered “wear and tear” and they will report those things as such or perhaps not even at all.  Often times that means damages aren’t discovered because of how they appear to the Engineer versus having an experienced Adjuster Asses the damage knowing full well the kind of damage that is usually underneath, such as water damage or mold.  In fact, these very types of damages, if not specifically Excluded from your Policy on the Declarations Page, fall under Cosmetic Damages and they should be covered to get your property to its Pre-Loss condition.

How do I ensure these items are included when the Engineer is at my home or business?

Each and every item that was affected or damaged should be addressed and if you don’t have your own Engineer present, make sure to point these out and make sure they are documented.  This is a critical time where you need to be several steps ahead of the Insurance Company.  Their main agenda is to pay you as little as possible and you don’t want to be that unsuspecting, uninformed Policyholder who signs their initial offer and cashes the check.  You also have a legal right to have a public adjuster representing you and Noble Public Adjusting Group is the only local company.  We know how to be several steps ahead of the Insurance Company and we are here to help you with the entire Claims process, including the Assessment of Damages.

Whether you are a Homeowner or Business Property Owner, or both, and your property has been damaged, give Noble Public Adjusting Group a call.  


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