Noble’s hit show “Insurance Wars” now airing on Pensacola’s CW Gulf Coast

Noble’s hit show “Insurance Wars” now airing on Pensacola’s CW Gulf Coast

Noble's hit TV show sheds light on the divisive insurance industry


Pensacola, FL ­– Noble Public Adjusting Group is excited to announce the hit TV show “Insurance Wars” is airing on the Gulf Coast CW, Monday – Friday at 7:30 a.m. for the next two weeks.

To shed a light on what really happens in the insurance industry, “Insurance Wars” is based on the daily battles between public insurance adjusters and the corporate insurance industry. Noble Public Adjusting Group advocates on behalf of homeowners and business owners to ensure that the insurance companies pay their clients a fair, and appropriate, settlement for their insurance claims. The show depicts a “David and Goliath” story where Noble Public Adjusting Group works on behalf of their clients to stand up to the billion-dollar insurance companies. Though the battle is up-hill and never ending, Noble is able to win victory after victory for their clients to get them the money they are entitled to. After watching the show, you will see what makes Noble the best public adjusting firm in Pensacola.

Insurance companies don’t always offer their clients a fair settlement, especially when dealing with disasters causing wide-spread damage. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, it’s important for both home and business owners to know they have options when dealing with hurricane claims. Noble can provide a second opinion and negotiate for a fair settlement.

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Noble Public Adjusting Group is fully staffed, and the largest public adjusting firm in the U.S. We advocate for the insured and work on their behalf to negotiate a higher and more appropriate settlement. We can take on a claim at any point, even if it has been denied.

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