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Hurricane Zeta damage

Hurricane Zeta Facts

Hurricane Zeta was one of the many storms that made their way across the Gulf Coast during this overactive season. While there seemed to be a target on Louisiana, the effects were felt across the gulf coast. Geographically speaking, Mississippi has far less coastline than most of its neighboring states. However, they didn’t get away scot-free. They recently endured the wrath of Hurricane Zeta when it made landfall on October 28 in Louisiana. This positioned the Mississippi Coast on the bad side of the storm. The damages in south Mississippi seemed to be on part with a category 1 or 2 hurricane, and although there were no confirmed tornadoes, the winds were close to an EF-1 tornado, resulting in tornado-like damage.

What Happens Next?

Business owners and homeowners alike are now filing insurance claims for their damaged property. While working through the process, it will feel like a ton of information is being thrown at you all at once. This is a lot for anyone to deal with, especially when your biggest concern is getting your insurance money. The truth is, insurance companies almost always underpay their claims. Even insurance policies are long and complicated, leaving the insured with more questions than answers. That’s why people put their trust in these companies and expect to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, they often fail to hold up their end of the deal.

Noble Works for YOU

You don’t have to settle for what the insurance company offers you! Noble Public Adjusting Group works for you, not the insurance company! We handle all aspects of a claim to ensure our clients get the money they’re owed. Noble’s team comprises years of experience in insurance law, case law and state regulation. We know the tactics these insurance companies use to try and underpay claims, and how to fight them. A study shows that by using a public adjuster, the average insurance claim increases by 747%. That’s not a typo!

Noble conducts our own inspections and estimates, and gathers all necessary reports including engineering, moisture mapping, mold testing, etc. We build a case that presents your claim in the most favorable light. This is used during the negotiation phase with the insurance company to get them to release the additional funds to get you a larger and appropriate settlement.

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Enlist the Best & Largest Public Adjusting Firm on the Gulf Coast

Noble’s service is unrivaled to any other public adjuster as we are the largest and only fully staffed public adjusting company in the U.S. Being headquartered in the Florida Panhandle, we know and understand how devastating hurricanes can be and the importance of getting your claim settled in your favor so you can start repairing your property. With Hurricane Michael alone, we were able to assist over 2,000 home and business owners. More recently, we’ve been working with many that were affected by Hurricane Sally in Pensacola, FL area.

We can take on your claim at any point! Whether you’re just filing a claim or received an unfair settlement. That way, we’ll be on your side from day one giving you the peace of mind that it will be handled efficiently and professionally. Additionally, if you’ve already filed a claim and feel you’ve been offered an unfair settlement, you don’t have to accept it! Noble can take on your claim at any point in the process, and even reopen a claim that was unfairly denied or already settled.

In conclusion, dealing with the aftermath of a disaster like Hurricane Zeta brings its own set of issues and emotional stressors while you’re trying to get your life, and property, back together. Worrying about your insurance company fairly paying you shouldn’t be one of them. If you are in need of assistance with a Hurricane Zeta claim, put Noble to work for you so you’re able to focus on getting your home back to its pre-hurricane condition with a settlement that you deserve.

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