New Orleans LA Property Insurance Claim Recovery – Hurricane Ida

This is an ongoing chronicle of the progress of Noble Public Adjusting Group’s efforts in assisting homeowners and commercial property owners of the Greater New Orleans, LA area with their property damage insurance claims in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. As the largest public adjusting firm in the United States, along with the years of experience of making a significant impact in the recovery efforts after catastrophic events, Noble takes that responsibility extremely seriously. Keeping everyone informed by sharing the good and bad of the progress of what is taking place on the ground, and from a firsthand account, plays a big part in keeping the focus and accountability where it belongs. Noble intends on doing just that.

The Stars of Insurance Wars are in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA:

The iconic town of New Orleans, LA faced Hurricane Ida head-on. As residents faced no power and lack of running clean water, police were seen constantly searching through debris from collapsed buildings and fallen trees hoping for the best outcome. For those who were lucky enough to have an undamaged vehicle, when they tried to make it down any street in New Orleans, there were faced with obstacles in the roads from fallen trees, siding, shingles, people’s items, or the over flow of water.


Roof shingles blown off a commercial shopping center in New Orleans, LA.

Houma, LA:

Some areas display “smaller damage”, such as roof leaks or demolished fences, while other areas of Houma show larger devastation including collapsed roofs, chunks of siding missing from homes, and even parts of homes crushed to the ground. Handfuls of apartment complexes have required tenants to leave their homes due to physical damage and possible mold growth until they are capable of getting things “back to normal”.

Missing siding, collapsed bedrooms, and blown roofs on residential homes in Houma, LA.

OPPAGA Report Public Adjusters

Enlist the Best & Largest Public Adjusting Firm on the Gulf Coast

Noble’s service is unrivaled to any other public adjuster as we are the largest and only fully staffed public adjusting company in the U.S. Being headquartered in the Florida Panhandle, we know and understand how devastating hurricanes can be and the importance of getting your claim settled in your favor so you can start repairing your property. With Hurricane Michael alone, we were able to assist over 2,000 home and business owners. Now, we’re working with many homeowners that were affected by Hurricane Ida in Southeast Louisiana, which includes New Orleans, Houma, Grand Isle, etc. Our office address is listed below:

Noble Public Adjusting Group
1558 Barrow St
Houma, LA 70364
Phone: 504-420-3466

We can take on your claim at any point! Whether you’re just filing a claim or received an unfair settlement. That way, we’ll be on your side from day one giving you the peace of mind that it will be handled efficiently and professionally. Additionally, if you’ve already filed a claim and feel you’ve been offered an unfair settlement, you don’t have to accept it! Noble can take on your claim at any point in the process, and even reopen a claim that was unfairly denied or already settled.

In conclusion, dealing with the aftermath of a disaster like Hurricane Ida brings its own set of issues and emotional stressors while you’re trying to get your life, and property, back together. Worrying about your insurance company fairly paying you shouldn’t be one of them. If you are in need of assistance with a Hurricane Ida claim, put Noble to work for you so you’re able to focus on getting your home back to its pre-hurricane condition with a settlement that you deserve.

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