Residential Water and Mold Claim

Insurance Company’s Original Offer
Recoupment by Noble Public Adjusting Group
Percentage difference between original offer and settlement with Noble

Insurance Company’s Offer


Noble's Settlement


Total Increase


Percent of Increase


A hot water heater busted while the policyholder was out of town.  Water flowed un-remedied for an entire week.  The Insurance Company offered enough to restore some of the obvious damage, but the policyholder knew that with that much water, there were issues far beneath the surface that needed to be repaired.  Mold is a serious problem and if there’s a moist dark area where it can grow, it will, and will soon spread throughout the entire dwelling causing major health issues.

Noble fought for what was right and proved that the damage exceeded 50% of the value of the home, so code upgrades applied, and there was much to be done in lieu of what was originally offered.  The policy reached it’s max easily and the homeowner was satisfied. She and her family could sleep comfortably, knowing that the nasty, wet internals of their walls and floor had been replaced with new and dry materials free of disease causing spores.

Noble secured an amount 12 times higher than what was originally offered.