Residential Wind and Water Loss

Insurance Company’s Original Offer
Recoupment by Noble Public Adjusting Group
Percentage difference between original offer and settlement with Noble

Insurance Company’s Offer


Noble's Settlement


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A Military vet and his wife experienced wind damage to their roof.  The creased shingles allowed water to seep through into the interior of the home and down the walls.  The Insurance Company offered to replace 35% of the roof, but refused to pay for the interior damages.  In the State, if more than 25% of the roof needs to be replaced, the Insurance Company has to replace it in it’s entirety, by law.  If you don’t know the statutes, building codes, and policies, then you can’t present them to the Insurance Company.

Even though the Insurance Company is bound by law and the precept of “Utmost Good Faith” to proceed ethically in their dealings, they will not offer this information to you, because it would increase the amount of money they had to pay on each claim significantly.  It is their object to pay out as little as possible for each claim.  Noble Public Adjusting Group takes great pride in a base of knowledge developed over many years of business in the insurance industry and a lifetime of experience in construction, that they can offer on behalf of their clients who may not be aware of these avenues of negotiation.  Evidence and strong negotiating skills landed this homeowner a new roof and the replacement of all interior damages.

Noble secured an amount 6 times higher than what was originally offered.