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We Represent YOU, Not the Insurance Company

As the best reviewed public adjusters in Orlando Florida, Noble Public Adjusting Group has a top-tier track record of negotiating property insurance claims for businesses, condos, large commercial losses, and residential property owners. Whether hurricane damage, fire, smoke, roof hail damage, wind, water, or any other property insurance-related loss, Noble is your state-certified and regulated insurance claim expert that represents YOU, the property owner, NOT the Insurance Company.

No Out-Of-Pocket Expense

We function on a contingency basis to get you the top payout feasible for Orlando, FL property insurance claims, and of course, there is simply no out of pocket expense. That’s right, if there is no increase or recovery in the claim of yours, there is simply no charge!

Already filed an insurance claim and received an unsatisfactory payout?

Whether the case has to be filed, is filed, or is closed with an unsatisfactory payout; we can represent you at any time within the claim process, even if your claim is denied. Using a Public Adjuster raises insurance claim payouts by 747 percent typically, according to a government study. Don’t fight Corporate Insurance on your own, it is The RIGHT of yours to employ your own professional adjuster.

You Do Not Have to Go Into an Insurance Claim Blind

You can hire a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL to guide you through this frustrating practice without paying cash upfront. Filing a water, flood, fire and all of the various insurance claims is monotonous and tedious; and if you do not understand precisely what you’re engaging in, you can possibly lose out on a significant percentage of what’s owed to you, or perhaps even worse, be denied payment altogether. Noble Public Adjusting Group is able to represent you and take on all of that hassle with confidence.

Dealing with the Insurance Company for You

There is a whole spectrum of statutes, building industry standards, case laws, and codes which is able to be employed on your behalf to make sure you’re fully restored when you have endured a loss. Figuring out how you can juggle your routine around the building project is inconvenient enough! Noble is able to deal with the insurance company for you, so you do not need to concern yourself with making an error on the paperwork, crossing fine lines with everything you say, or leaving effective tools unused. You can see status updates and notes associated with your file, right from our claim archive. When we start fighting your claim, you will receive the info you need to login; that way, though Noble is dealing with the public insurance adjusting and everything else for you, you are able to still check in to find out what is happening with the claim 24/7. If you believe you have a water or flood damage case in Orlando, FL or you have filed a case but would like a pro to negotiate a bigger settlement, ask for a free home inspection below and give us a call. We’ll go over the policy of yours, analyze the loss of yours, and respond to any questions you may have.

Did you know…

Saying specific phrases or words during a transaction with your insurance representative can result in your storm damage claims being denied. Your conversations with the insurance company over the telephone are often recorded, and with a single slip up of uncareful wording, you could be looking at paying for your loss out of pocket. Insurance language is similar to every other concentrated area, it is a language of its own, and also many insurance representatives are not likely to go out of their way to help you fully grasp the lingo. It’s very good to remember that Insurance is a for profit company, so the thought behind any company is to make a profit.

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What a Public Adjuster Does and More FAQs

What Our Clients Say About Us - Reviews & Testimonials

I have had a great experience working with Ben at Noble Public Adjusting. He always answers my calls and is knowledgeable.
Silas ViaToros
Silas ViaToros
We were unable to communicate with our insurance carrier after the damage from Hurricane Ian. We turned our claim over to Noble PA Group . Ben McGee of the Noble Group was able to negotiate a settlement that was 3 times more than what we were initially offered. After correct documentation, a reinspection and months of diligent negotiation we received an acceptable settlement. We were then able to restore our house back to its previous condition. We could not have done this without their expertise. We highly recommend them.
Paul Palmer
Paul Palmer
Excellent experience. Will use them again if needed in future and highly recommend this group.
Debbie Birney
Debbie Birney
Ben Maxwell was a great advisor and negotiator with the insurance company. After he got involved, the insurance company finally did what they were supposed to do…(pay for damage from the storm). Miranda was also very helpful. Thank you to Ben and Miranda. We were so fortunate to have you on our team!
Molly Max
Molly Max
Jackie Slaten
Jackie Slaten
We asked Noble for help a year after Hurricane Michael did extensive damage to our house. Our insurance company initially paid us less than the amount to repair our roof.After going thru several adjusters Ariel Morales began handling our claim. Ariel continued working thru our claim even after our insurance company went bankrupt. He helped navigate the process thru FIGA which was quite challenging to say the least. We ended up going to appraisal then having to engage an umpire. We finally got the help we needed and fair settlement. We would have never been able to recover the expense of our home repairs. Thank you so much Ariel! We really appreciate your help and persistence.
Sheryl Maynard
Sheryl Maynard
Tommy Browning is our adjuster. He has gotten more done in the 1st week than our insurance company has done in 4 months. He calls me daily to check up and see if I need anything and that all the contractors have upheld their appt times. Really nice to have someone that sincerely looks out for your best interest. 💜
So thankful for this group as I was at wits end trying to get through to my ins company. Kristina came for the initial visit which felt like family! Then Joe scheduled to come out and do a 3D photo . They have answered all my questions in a timely manner and worked with my crazy work schedule which has been so nice. Wish I had reached out sooner!
Denise wold
Denise wold
We hired Noble Public Adjusters Group a few weeks ago to help us get our insurance company to settle our Hurricane Ian claim. We are so happy we did and should have done it much sooner! We had Adjuster William Dishaw come view our home’s damage and document not just not what we knew of but also what he found was damage. Could not have been a better visit and a relief to hire someone on our side and not the insurance company side. He set us up to be able to monitor at any time a client portal to view progress. He sent us Brent Williams of Matterport to scan our home and while Brent was documenting damage with pictures he saw more we did know we had. Brent was professional and informative. His eagle eyes are amazing. Never would have seen the damage he saw. This entire experience so far has been professional and we are so very happy to be on board with Noble Public Adjusters Group!!! Excellent people. Thank you all!!!!
Joyce Cole
Joyce Cole

We Even Have Our Own Reality TV Show – Insurance Wars

A lot of our what we do appears on our hit TV show “Insurance Wars”. We created this show to provide a window into the actual battle between the insurance adjuster and the public adjuster to settle a claim for our clients. “Insurance Wars” allows clients to share their personal stories of their lives being turned upside down after being affected by natural disasters and in desperate need of help and advice. The misconception of public adjusters is proven false after Noble interjects the expertise and knowledge our employees provide. 

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