New York Joins Texas In Broad Use Of Insurance Appraisal Clause


The Insurance Appraisal Clause is a clause within most insurance policies that allows for an appeals type process to be used when the insured and the insurance company disagree on the amount to be awarded for an insurance claim.  It’s an excellent tool that more and more insured property owners are taking advantage of to get what they feel is a more fair award amount to repair the damages ensued.  Hiring an Appraiser or a Public Adjusting firm that employs Insurance Appraisers could very well be the smartest thing you do when you have to file a claim.  The state of Texas, because of the massive amount of storm damage claims daily, is nicely acquainted with the appraisal process, and it appears that New York is jumping on the Bandwagon!  Appraisal is not something that Insurance companies are excited about, because it allows to third parties to decide the amount that they will have to pay.  Despite attempts to keep this tool quiet, the word is finally getting out.  Home and Business-owners are tired of just taking what they’re given, and they’re doing something about it!  

To find out more about the Appraisal Process, click here.  To read the full article about New York State joining Texas, click on the link below.  

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