Insurance Wars

Battling the "Big Business" Corporate Insurance Industry on Behalf of Real Clients

To shed a light on what really happens in the insurance industry, "Insurance Wars" is based on the daily battles between the corporate insurance industry and the public insurance adjusters who advocate for the insured.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is the largest public adjusting firm in the United States

Soon after Bo Williamson, Founder of Noble, set out into the public adjusting world, he quickly began growing his reputation in the industry as the best in the business. Over a five-year period, he traveled the country taking on thousands of insurance claims and became the most used insurance appraiser in the entire country. As the industry’s “go-to guru” it didn’t take long for Noble to catch the eye of Agency 850, a local ad agency. Ideas were exchanged, and “Insurance Wars” was born.

The “Insurance Wars” main cast is comprised of Noble Public Adjusting Group staff. Additional characters also include clients, engineers, insurance personnel, contractors and many other locals. For additional information about the show, check out the Insurance Wars Facebook page.

Insurance companies don’t always offer their clients a fair settlement. Public adjusters act as the main advocate for insurance policyholders. At Noble, we view it as if we go to war with the giant insurance companies every day, to create a solid case for each of our client’s claims ensuring that the policyholders are indemnified for their property losses. In other words, to get them money they’re entitled to according to what is stated on their insurance policy.

As portrayed in the show, Noble Public Adjusting Group puts up with a lot when dealing with insurance companies. Everything from being yelled and cursed at, to being threatened, black-balled or bullied. Though the battle is up-hill and never ending, Noble is able to win victory after victory for our clients to get them the money they are entitled to. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is well worth it in the end when they are able to get their property restored back to the way it was prior to the storm.

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