Expert Witness and Mediation Services

We Can Assist in Resolving Disputes on Insurance Claims

Expert witness and mediation representation services

Have you found your claim to be stuck in a dispute with the insurance company? It is a difficult position to be in, but Noble Public Adjusting Group has highly skilled staff who are qualified and non-biased professionals that can assist you.

Expert Witness

An expert witness is a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. 

Most of the time, a Public Adjuster or Appraiser is able to come to a fair settlement with an Insurance Company over a policyholder’s claim; but every now and then your representative and the insurance company lock horns at a stalemate. Both parties refuse to concede and something bigger has to be done.

Going to court is no walk in the park, but thankfully there are a few non-biased experts in the field of Insurance. Noble Public Adjusting Group happens to have one of the few and most qualified non-biased professionals in the country. With over 5,000 appraisals under our belt, a lifetime of multi-faceted construction and roofing experience, the #1 loss estimating company in the nation, and a successful fully-staffed adjusting firm, we can testify as an expert witness in court cases ranging from commercial and residential losses to general construction and architectural cases.

Please contact the office to schedule a conference call or meeting to discuss cases and fees.

Mediation Representation

Insurance mediation refers to the process of settling disputes arising from certain types of insurance claims. The dispute will be between the insured and the insurer. The Insurance company will have a representative to argue their prospective and thoughts on an insurance claim and the policyholder should have a representative to argue their prospective and thoughts on the claim. Both representatives and the policyholder come together at a scheduled time and place and hash out what a fair allotment will be. Sometimes claims are settled right then and sometimes you reach a stalemate and another approach will have to be taken to further the claim.

Noble Public Adjusting Group, as your representative will schedule and go to this meeting on your behalf. Whether the claim is settled then or later, it’s just another avenue that can be used in the negotiation process of your claim. You must have retained Noble Public Adjusting Group via contract in order to have them represent you in mediation for your claim. If you have a mediation scheduled and need our services, please contact us immediately.