Emergency Supply Kit (Bug-out Bag) for Catastrophe Preparedness

So it’s likely that you read the post on How to prepare for a Hurricane or What to do when a Hurricane hits, and you’re ready to get your kit together so you can ride out the storm in confidence!  Well, after researching several different disaster relief articles on emergency kits, here’s the important stuff you’ll need:

1.) A Bag.
Or multiple bags, depending on how many children you have.  You’ll need a good bag that can hold everything.  If you can find a waterproof bag, that would be awesome, but a strong book bag will work!

2.) Copies of important documents.
This includes Insurance Policies, Identification, Bank Information, Birth Certificates, and any other important paperwork that you don’t want to lose track of.  If your bag isn’t waterproof, you may want to put these documents in a large ziplock bag to keep them from getting wet and sticking together.

3.) First Aid Kit.
You can find these pretty cheap at the dollar store and most grocery stores.

4.) Flashlight.
Loaded with batteries, and an extra set of batteries to go with.

5.) Matches or Lighters AND flint (incase you run out of the the other)

6.) Hand-cranked Weather Radio.
You’ll want to know what’s going on around you and when help is coming.  Hand-cranked radios don’t require batteries, and they can also charge your cellphone.  You can get one of these for about $30.00 on Amazon.com.

7.) Change of Clothes.
You’ll need a change of clothes for each person you have with you.  This isn’t so you can stay fresh, this is incase your current clothes get wet or torn.

8.) Blankets.
Packing blankets can add lots of weight to your bag, so I would suggest using the Mylar thermal blankets that fold into a small square.  They’re not cozy or fancy, but they will hold in heat and you can pack one for every family member into your bag with ease.

9.) Tape.
It’s amazing what you can build when you have a simple strong adhesive like duct tape.  With just a roll you can turn sticks and brush into a strong temporary shelter if need be.  You can also braid it and use it as rope and a multitude of other things.

10.) Food and Water.
Pack enough food and water to last you and your family at least 72 hours.  Choose foods that are non-perishable like MREs or canned foods.  Try to avoid foods high in sodium that make you thirsty and stick with things like canned fruit and low sodium beans.  You’ll need more water then anything.  You can survive a long time without food, but not without water.  Though you may be surrounded by rising flood waters in a catastrophe, drinking it could make you very ill.  It’s not a bad idea to also have a self filtering “life straw” in your bag, which will allow you to drink dirty water safely.

11.) Tools.
You’ll need a knife for sure, but there are other things to think about.  A can opener for your food, a pair of scissors, fingernail clippers, a small hatchet, and even pliers will help you tremendously when you’re trying to survive.  A swiss army knife has lots of the aforementioned and can be bought for about $15.00.


There are lots and lots of lists out there on the internet.  Many of them include the things mentioned here, and some are geared more toward long term survival.  These are the things that will help you if a catastrophe has displaced you from your home and there are no shelters available.  If a hurricane is coming, you’ll want to have this bag in your safe room with you.

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