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Need a plumber? (850) 249-0135!  Chances are you’ve had a leak or damage of some type.  We can likely help you get a plumber and fix your issue with NO out of pocket expense.  No matter which plumber you choose, call us first!

Lots of times you’ll have damage occur because of things like a busted pipe or shower pan leak and you feel that it’s not even worth filing an insurance claim, because of your deductible.  Well, that could be true, but it’s highly likely that your property has sustained more damage than what meets the untrained eye.  Usually when water is involved there are layers to your damage that you may be unaware of.  If those layers aren’t all repaired, dried out, or totally replaced, you could soon be growing your very own batch of mold.  That mold multiplies and before long is dispersed throughout your entire home or business through the ventilation and duct system that you have in place.  Mold attaches anywhere that is moist, cool, and dark.  What started under your sink, could, within months become a persistent, growing issue throughout your property and in your breathing air!  Most people are familiar on some level with what mold can do to your health, especially if you’re immune compromised, older than 45, under 25, or a small child.
No insurance company is going to complain about you repairing your damages and never filing the claim!  They would love to continuously get your premiums every year and never have to pay out a dime to you!  That’s how insurance companies become billion dollar company’s very quickly.  But what if your little water damage is actually bigger than you thought?  What if it seeped through the sheetrock and wet the insulation?  What if there’s mold breeding in that insulation, growing, and making it’s way to a damp vent cover?
If you decided to file the claim, and your insurance company has decided to pay, but they’re only agreeing to pay for a piece of wood to be replaced, or a small patch of flooring, or one sheet of sheetrock in the ceiling?  You don’t have to take that!  Doing patchwork and not pulling out ALL effected materials is not only a health hazard, but can significantly drop the value of your property.  If you pay insurance then the loss in value is due to you, or the total replacement of the floor, ceiling, cabinet, or whatever segment of your property that’s been damaged.  There’s so much that needs to be addressed when there’s water damage, and your insurance company is not going to go looking for more damage.  If you have a claim or have damage from water that requires a plumber or any repairs, call us right away.  Not only do we know that best in the business to correct your problem, we can fight your insurance company for the money and the repairs that are necessary to keep your health and property value up.  Noble Public Adjusting Group offers free property inspection and insurance consultation with policy review and there’s absolutely no obligation.  Give us a call now and we can at least point you in the right direction or schedule your inspection.

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