Noble Public Adjusting Group Opens New Locations in Destin and Tallahassee

We are excited to share the grand news!  We’ve opened our two new locations in Destin and Tallahassee, Florida!  We can finally settle in as a permenant part of both communities and fill a need that has been present for some time.  Because Public Adjusting has only been around since the 1970’s there’s still quite a shortage of Insurance Help in the grand scheme of things.  Most large cities have multiple Public Adjusting Firms that stay swamped with claims, but the smaller areas that are still considered somewhat rural don’t really have an insurance advocate that you can see face to face and shake hands with.  It has been our purpose at Noble Public Adjusting Group to change that.  We want to offer the same large scale advocacy that saturates the cities to the amazing communities outside of them.  After all, not only are the houses bigger in suburbs and in the country, there tends to be more additional buildings, such as barns, shops, etc., not to mention farm equipment, crops, and multiple recreational vehicles, like boats.  Point being, there’s lots of stuff of worth out there that’s covered by insurance.  Where there’s insurance coverage, there needs to be an advocate to fight for the policyholder when they experience a loss and have to file a claim.

Why you need us around:
Insurance companies for the most part are billion dollar corporations or publicly traded companies.  There are some types that are not-for-profit, but they’re usually exclusive and not just anyone can be a part of them.  Just like any for-profit business, the insurance companies have to minimize payouts and maximize profits.  You, like everyone else, pay premiums in every month, with very little likelihood that you’ll actually experience a claim.  A portion of those premiums are used for reserves to pay for any claims that do come through, but the left-overs are profit for the company.  Minimizing payouts are just part of being a business.  It’s probably not meant to be a personal attack on policyholders, but it seems super personal when it’s your claim and your property and the Insurance Company refuses to compromise or even call you back!  That’s where Noble Public Adjusting Group comes in.  We are staffed with professional Claim Managers, Public Adjusters, Loss Estimators, and other Insurance Professionals that have been immersed in Insurance for many years.  We eat, sleep, and breath Insurance.  Sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty thrilling to find loopholes, State Statutes, Code Upgrades, and other ways to win a battle against the “big boys”.  Did you know that using a Public Adjuster on your claim results in a 747% higher payout than if you tried to file and negotiate your claim on your own?  That statistic is very real, and came from a report published by OPPAGA, the government entity.

We are truly honored to offer Insurance Help to the Panhandle of Florida.  It is our purpose to make our presence known and to fight as hard as we can to maximize your claim payouts in Tallahassee and Destin Florida and all of the surrounding towns.  If you think you have a claim, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We offer a FREE Property Inspection with Policy Review and Consultation.  

To see our five locations and a list of towns we serve, go to “Locations”.

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