Pensacola Lightning Strikes, Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

If your Pensacola home is damaged by a lightning strike, fire or smoke damage, Noble Public Adjusting Group can increase your insurance claim payout by up to 747%.

A fire can completely engulf everything that you own in a matter of minutes. A fire ignited by a lightning strike can cause enough smoke damage to render your Pensacola home uninhabitable for months.

Preparation is the only way that you can overcome these occurrences without additional stress. Create a plan. Know the Pensacola Public Adjusters you can trust. Keep important numbers along with copies of all of your policies in a fireproof safe.

You should also keep copies of your birth certificate, social security card, and any financial documents in a safe place. There is no way of knowing when disaster will strike in Pensacola. But, you’ll feel a lot better knowing that you have an action plan in place if it does.

You have a legal right to receive a free consultation from Noble Public Adjusting Group. Simply call (850) 249-MY-PA or visit our website at to begin receiving a fair settlement for your property damage.

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