Water Damage Claim Checklist

Water damage has the potential to be extremely costly. Not only is it a mess to clean up, water can damage everything from carpets, furniture, and personal belongings to the building itself. This includes electrical systems, flooring, walls, baseboards, insulation, ceilings, support systems, and much more. Let’s not forget another unpleasant side effect: mold. Use the checklist below to make sure that your water damage claim is as accurate and complete as possible:

  • Mitigate the damage – As soon as it is safe and reasonable to do so, take proactive steps to stop the flow of water. Whether by turning off the main water valve or covering a broken window with a sheet of plywood, the sooner you can stop water from pouring in, the better. Snap a couple of photos of any standing water before promptly diverting it out of the building to the best of your abilities.
  • Notify your insurance company immediately – Call your insurance company right away to start the insurance claim process and let the company know that you’ve suffered a loss.
  • Get experts involved – While your insurance claims adjuster will inspect the damage, make sure that your side of the claim is well represented by working with Noble Public Adjusting Group.
  • Perform secondary water damage mitigation steps – With water damage claims, you need to remove the water as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew. You’ve stopped the flow and called Noble Public Adjusting Group; now it’s time to mop up. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may need to hire a water damage restoration company to pump out the water, clean and decontaminate the property, and dry the home. Noble Public Adjusting Group can help you determine the most appropriate steps to take at this point.
  • Document all visible water damage – Take a series of photos and videos depicting the water damage. This includes documenting soggy furnishings, water level lines, damaged electric circuits, and anything else exposed to the water.

Getting Noble Public Adjusting Group involved early on is highly recommended. Not only will we handle the details of the claim and help you maximize your water damage claim, we have access to water damage and restoration experts skilled in finding and documenting all water damage including hidden water damage.

You have a legal right to receive a free consultation from Noble Public Adjusting Group. Simply call (850) 249-MY-PA or visit our website at nobleresto.asqhost.com to begin receiving a fair settlement for your property damage.

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