Insurance Wars First Sneak Peek Released

Insurance Wars, the reality T.V. series’ first sneak peek has been released!  At only 14 hours old, the internet is buzzing and views have already surpassed the 5000 view mark with shares in the hundreds.  Everyone is wondering what will be exposed, as insurance industry insider, Bo Williamson, pulls back the veil on the big man behind the curtain, that is corporate insurance.  Rumor has it that the show will expose big business for what it is, simply a giant scam to get rich and leave the people to fend for themselves, but the star of the show and owner of Noble Public Adjusting Group says that “the show is to bring awareness about policyholder rights, expose unfair claims practices and to let people know that they have an advocate”.

Bo and Heather WilliamsonFilming has taken place over the course of a year and a half.  The owners, Bo and his wife Heather decided a while back that they did not want the filming and production of the show to hinder the company in anyway, from conducting business as usual.  “Insurance claims already take too long, we don’t want the show to interfere with processing our clients claims”, said Mrs. Williamson.

Season one is set to air in January of 2017 on ABC, Fox, The CW and other local channels as well.  Airing times and dates are yet to be determined, which is a good thing, because there’s still time to fill
commercial slots.

Who’s going to be on the show?  Will there be humor? Tears? Drama? Religious talk?  Haha… only time will tell.  If you’re not already following Noble’s Facebook page and Insurance Wars Facebook page, that’s the place to go, to see updates on the show and maybe even more sneak peeks as we near the time of airing.  Like the Facebook page and click “see first” from the drop-down box on the like button, so you never miss an update from Noble or Insurance Wars. That’s also where you can see the sneak peek, if you missed it!

Insurance Wars
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This is a great opportunity for businesses in the construction, insurance, law industries and more, to market themselves to a responsive public.  If you’d like to advertise during this season, please call 1-800-705-0570 and let them know you are calling about advertising with Insurance Wars.

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