Should I file an Insurance Claim?


When deciding to file an insurance claim, there are two vital items to determine. It is important to know IF you have a legitimate insurance claim to file as well as HOW to properly file each claim.

The IF

Deciding whether or not to file an insurance claim is extremely important. Filing an uncovered claim can be detrimental being that insurance companies consider your claim history to adjust your rates and coverage. Before filing a claim it is best to know that if what you are claiming falls under your policy, as well as knowing the extent of what all you could include on a single claim.


Verbiage is also important to consider when filing an insurance claim. Insurance adjusters are trained to find loopholes in your claim and how it relates to your coverage. For example, simply claiming that “your house flooded” will most likely not be covered, when in contrast claiming that “you suffered water damage due to a burst pipe” will be more likely to fall under your policy. While this is a very basic example, the details in your verbiage do matter when it is being scrutinized by the insurance company.


There are professionals that can help you determine the “IF” and “HOW” of your claim before you even file for free! Public Adjusters, like those at Noble Public Adjusting Group, are here specifically to determine that for you. Whether it turns out you have a claim or not, Noble Public Adjusting Group’s services come at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Noble Public Adjusting Group offers a FREE inspection to your home or business and will determine whether or not you have an insurance claim, before you ever alert your insurance company about a problem. If the inspection turns up no claim to file under your current insurance policy, you’ve lost nothing and have saved yourself from a futile attempt at a claim with your insurance company – keeping it off of your claim history.

However, if the FREE home inspection turns up a legitimate insurance claim, then Noble Public Adjusting Group’s services don’t have to stop there. Noble can go on to file the insurance claim paperwork for you, negotiate the insurance claim, and increase the payout by the insurance company on the claim by an average of 747%.

Noble Public Adjusting Group, represent residential claimants for only 20% of the claim total (in Florida),

unless the damage occurred during a declared state of emergency; in which it becomes 10% of the claim total. This means that only 20% of your final return goes to the Public Adjuster, leaving you with plenty (747% more than if you filed a claim alone) to fulfill the issues with your home.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is located on the west end of Panama City Beach, Florida. It services every

area, small or large in the Panhandle of Florida, including the following counties: Escambia, Santa Rosa,

Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Gulf, Franklin, Gadsden, Jackson, Wakulla, Liberty,

Calhoun counties and more! We will gladly serve any policyholder in Florida.

It also currently serves in Georgia and Texas as well. Click HERE to see a list of cities in the Panhandle of

Florida and areas of coverage in Georgia and Texas.

To schedule a free claim inspection click here or call 1-800-705-0570

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