Noble Public Adjusting Group Wins Business of the Year!

The Panama City Beach, Florida Chamber of Commerce holds an Annual Awards Dinner every February, to recognize businesses and chamber members who have gone above and beyond the rest in some capacity.  On February 23rd of this year, Noble Public Adjusting Group received the coveted “Business of the Year Award”, also known as the “Business Excellence Award” for their outstanding performance, exponential growth and contributions to the city of Panama City Beach.

Each quarter, one business in the city receives the “Business of the Quarter” award.  On the big night of the awards dinner, one of the four businesses that were chosen,  reigns supreme and takes the heavy glass trophy home for the win. This year was the second consecutive year that Noble received a business of the quarter award and nomination, which is unprecedented.  Competitors like the Northwest Beaches International Airport and beach high-rise Palmetto Inn and Suites were quite the competition for a company that’s only been in town for right at five years; nevertheless, Noble took the prize home.

“We are so grateful for this award and for the Chamber of Commerce here in Panama City Beach.  Our team has worked really hard and this award is motivation to keep pushing and help as many people as we can.  All the Glory goes to God, Noble is nothing without him.” -Bo Williamson, owner of Noble

Bo Williamson (right), owner of Noble shakes hands with Chamber of Commerce President, Kristopher McClane, after accepting award on stage.

Noble has recently received lots of attention because of the new Reality TV series Insurance Wars, which is based in the panhandle of Florida and depicts Noble Public Adjusting Group fighting for policyholders who are having trouble getting paid what they’re owed on the their insurance claims.  The show is airing locally on ABC, Fox and The CW, but has really taken off on the internet, where it’s available on Facebook and Youtube.

The company has seen serious growth in numbers over the last five years.  What started as a tiny office with three people, quickly grew into an office people frequently get lost in, with over 20 staff members at times, and phones ringing off the hook.

“Sometimes it reminds me of wall street;  papers flying, phones ringing and a hundred conversations going on at once, but we’ve managed over the years, to wrangle it all in and form an extremely fluid and organized system.”- Heather Williamson, co-owner

Overall the Noble team is very proud of the leaps and bounds it’s taken over the years and is super excited to continue serving the community and the nation with diligence and passion for helping policyholders.

If you’d like to learn more about what Noble Public Adjusting does, please browse the website and enjoy a few episodes of Insurance Wars!

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