Deadly Spring Season and Hail Damage: You Need a Florida Public Adjuster

As your preferred Florida public adjuster, Noble enjoys keeping our blog readers educated on all things related to home and business damage claims. One of the many claims we get is from hail damage. With what is known as the Deadly Spring Season right around the corner, many of you may experience hail damage.

Starting in February and running through April, spring in Florida is characterized by powerful tornadoes. This is due to the presence of the jet stream. When the jet stream crosses the US and digs south into Florida-if it is accompanied by a strong cold front and a strong squall line of thunderstorms-we have been known to experience high-level winds of 100 to 200 mph. These winds strengthen a thunderstorm into what meteorologists call a Super Cell or Mesocyclone. When storms like these are created by nature, they can move through Florida at speeds of 30 to 50 mph, produce dangerous downburst winds, large hail, and the most deadly tornadoes.

However, hail can actually occur during any season that Florida has heavy thunderstorms. Every storm has an updraft that gathers super-cooled water droplets in an updraft. The stronger the storm, the stronger the updraft and the longer the time these droplets can combine with each other. Once they get too heavy, they will fall to the surface as hail. The image below is courtesy of the National Weather Service. It explains hail growth and formation.hail and public adjuster

Deadly Spring Season and Hail Damage: You Need a Florida Public Adjuster

Hail can affect your home in several different ways. The main way is damage to your roof. But if you saw the image at the top of this post, the extensive damage the Florida homeowner received was from hail against their siding, driven by extremely high winds.

If you experience hail damage during the coming deadly spring season in Florida, before you do anything else, call us. We can file your insurance claim, handle all of the paperwork and communication with your insurance company, and contact a vetted roofer, siding replacement specialist, or whatever other types of contractor you need to fix your damage. If you find after filing a hail damage claim in Florida that you aren’t satisfied with your settlement from your insurance provider, we can handle reopening your claim.

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