Watch Live Video: Public Adjuster Fights Insurance Company and Wins

There is no better smell than that of victory. In this episode of Insurance Wars, the reality TV show Noble Public Adjusting Group is famous for, Bo Williamson and his team go to war with the insurance company and come out on top. But the person who really won in this episode was the insured.

The residence of the loss is located in 30A, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Florida. When you watch the video you will instantly relate to the dire circumstance the poor homeowner found herself in. She had gone on vacation for a few weeks. While she was gone a pipe burst in her basement. This was not just any old basement. The homeowner used the basement as a living space, with furniture, cabinets; the whole nine yards.

The damage from her busted pipe ruined everything. So when she gets back from vacation and discovers the mess, she immediately contacted her insurance provider. The insurance company sent out their staff adjuster. The offer she received, and unfortunately accepted and signed off on was for $2500. Yes, you read that right! Even though all of the plumbing needed to be replaced, all of the furniture loss covered, the cabinets replaced; basically, a total remodel, the insurance company had the audacity to offer her this paltry sum.

As she says in the video, she thought her insurance company was her friend. Turns out that was certainly not true. But this story gets worse. The homeowner, by the time she called Noble Public Adjusting Group, had depleted her life savings. This included her IRA, 401K, everything to her name. She had paid contractors, spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to try and get her basement back to the way it was before the busted pipe happened. However, it gets even worse.

When the insurance staff adjuster met with us, Bo and his team quickly discovered that the insurance company had been negotiating with the contractor. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW! It is insurance fraud, plain and simple. But Noble is not the law. Our job was to get the homeowner the money she had coming to her. There were heated discussions between us and the insurance adjuster. In the end, as you will see when you watch the above video from Insurance Wars, we were able to get the homeowner a settlement of $160,000. Yes, the smell of victory is delicious. And this one was no exception. The gratitude that Noble, the team, and Bo received from the homeowner was just as sweet as the payout. Maybe even more so.

If you have a loss at your home or business, don’t call the insurance company first. Call us. We are a nationwide, licensed and fully-staffed public insurance adjusting firm. The proof is in the pudding, and this video shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Noble works for you, the policyholder.

Just like we did in this episode of Insurance Wars, we will fight like Cassius Clay to get you the best settlement possible.

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