Things Florida Panhandle Homeowners Should Know About Insurance Claims

There are things about insurance claims that many homeowners don’t know. If you are a Florida Panhandle homeowner, we have designed this blog post for you specifically. You are the homeowners we most serve as the preferred Public Adjuster in the area. We want our homeowner clients in the Florida Panhandle to become educated about insurance claims. That way when you have damage to your home in any form, filing your insurance claim is simpler and you will give yourself the best chance possible to have your claim approved.

Things Florida Panhandle Homeowners Should Know About Insurance Claims

  • Saying certain phrases during a transaction with your insurance representative can cause your claim to be denied. Your phone conversation with the insurance company is usually recorded. With one slip up or careless word, you could find yourself paying for your loss out-of-pocket.
  • Insurance is like any other focused field. It has a language of its own. Most insurance representatives aren’t going to go out of their way to make sure a homeowner understands the lingo.
  • Insurance is a business, and the idea behind any business is to make money. Insurance companies are in the business of trying to deny claims first. Not pay them out.
  • There’s an entire spectrum of statutes, building codes, case laws, and industry standards that most homeowners aren’t aware of.

If you have a Florida Panhandle homeowner insurance claim and are ready to file, or you’ve already filed a claim but want an expert to negotiate a larger settlement, request a free property damage inspection or give us a call.  We’ll go over your policy, examine your loss, and answer any questions you might have.

Taking on insurance companies is what we love. We work on a contingency basis to get you the highest payout possible for your claim. There is never any out-of-pocket expense for you. This means that if we do not obtain a recovery or increase in your claim there is no charge. Already filed your claim and received an unsatisfactory pay-out? We can re-open your claim and represent you at any point in the process, even after it’s been closed and paid.

As a client of Noble, you will never be kept in the dark. When you hire us to represent your Florida Panhandle homeowner insurance claim, you will be able to keep up with everything that is going on. You will be given login information to our site and your claim. You can view the claim and its progress 24/7.

Public Adjusters work for YOU, not the insurance company. Unless you are an insurance expert yourself, it’s best to hire us to make sure you are not taken advantage of.

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