Orlando Homeowners: Is The Amount of Your Insurance Claim What You Expected?

During the latest Florida cold snap, it is possible that as an Orlando homeowner you experienced a busted pipe or other problems related to cold weather. (When Disney closes some of their parks you know it is cold!)

Or maybe you have an insurance claim for other issues affecting your Orlando home, such as a roof that needs replacing or fire or water damage. Whatever the reason for your insurance claim, chances are once the insurance adjuster came out and gave you an estimate your eyebrows went up in consternation at the difference in the amount you expected to receive and the value placed on the claim you were given. If this applies to you, then read on.

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What many Orlando homeowners and those across Florida and the US don’t know is that you do not have to accept an insurance claim settlement if you don’t agree with the amount. Unfortunately, most homeowners will simply accept the amount of the payout specified as gospel, sign off on it and be done with the claim.

Instead of accepting what you feel is inevitable, you would be smart to contact an Orlando public adjuster to review your insurance claim and make sure you are getting the best payout possible.

Orlando Homeowners: Is The Amount of Your Insurance Claim What You Expected?

Noble Public Adjusting Group in Orlando maintains this blog you are reading for the purpose of educating homeowners about their rights and the law when it comes to insurance claims. If you disagree with the amount of your homeowner insurance claim, whether you are just getting the estimate or have already accepted payment, you have the right to request an appraisal.

In keeping with our mission to educate, take a few minutes to learn what an insurance appraisal is all about.

If you look at your homeowner’s insurance policy you will find an Appraisal Clause or Appraisal Provision. This clause allows you as the homeowner to have two third parties separate from the insurance company voice their opinion on your damages, and amount to be paid.  It’s sort of like court arbitration, but without courtrooms, lawyers, or judges. An Orlando public adjuster is set up for the express purpose of being one of those third parties. 

You might be thinking at this point that you can’t afford to shell out the money for an appraisal. Don’t worry about that, because payment is not due until the appraisal is settled and all hours are tallied.  So in essence, the burden of paying for the appraisal falls upon the insurance company. So you win no matter what, with no out-of-pocket expense on your part and a much heftier payout from your insurance company for your original claim. As you can see this is not rocket science. We do our job, you get paid more money and the insurance company foots the bill.

Filling Out Right to Appraisal Form

Noble Public Adjusting Group is a member of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and the National Insurance Restoration Council. Read our letter of recommendation from that organization. Below you will find our location and contact information for Orlando.

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Orlando Florida Branch
Noble Public Adjusting Group
1802 Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32806
Toll-Free: (800) 705-0570

Filing an appraisal with us is free and so is our inspection of your property damage in Orlando. If you as a homeowner do not feel the amount of loss quoted to you by your insurance carrier is sufficient enough to assist you
in restoring your property to its pre-loss condition, then you are ready to exercise your
“Right to Appraisal”, as clearly stated in your insurance policy. When you fill out this form, it becomes a letter serving as an official notice of your decision to invoke your right to appraisal and the hiring of us as your Orlando public adjuster.

We look forward to serving you. It is no secret that we love battling the insurance companies and umpiring for your best insurance claim payout. For proof of how excited we get when we take on an insurance provider over a poor claim amount, watch our reality TV show called Insurance Wars. There you will find actual videos of us tackling the insurance provider. We have a blast and you will too, watching us take on giants like David taking on Goliath.






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