Insurance Wars Season 1, Episode 1, “Fiery Debate”

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Noble Public Adjusting Group is out there fighting the good fight for homeowners to get their due from their insurance companies. We are on the frontlines of the Insurance Wars and we’re not afraid of taking on the big cooperate insurance companies. If you need to file an insurance claim, call Noble at 850-249-6972(MYPA) or contact us on the internet to find someone who will fight for you.
We kicked off Insurance Wars with a visit to the Freeman home. The Freeman home caught on fire and had been deemed structurally unstable. The home needed to be torn down and rebuilt up to code.
Several independent authorities had validated the fact that this home needed to be rebuilt. The insurance company was only offering the Freemans $30,000—about 1/7 of the amount that was needed to not only rebuild the home up to code but also to help the Freemans with living expenses and property damage.
Bo Williamson, our founder and the host of Insurance Wars, headed out to the Freemans’ property to meet with the insurance company’s adjusters and a fire expert they were sending to the home. The insurance company had tried to split hairs earlier, claiming that the rafters had been improperly constructed and that the damage caused by the fire was instead a problem with the house. On top of that, the insurance company had made it clear that they believed the Freemans had started the fire at their own home.
When the insurance company’s reps finally arrived, they’d only brought a screwdriver to get into the home, which had been boarded up to prevent anyone from getting into the damaged property. The insurance company took the time to look at the front landscaping, which had been burnt in the fire. Their adjuster stated that the company would not be covering the bushes and other landscaping.
As they attempted to unscrew the boards, the insurance company’s adjusters tried to claim that they would only need to cover 30% of the roof—however, Bo explained that the most updated codes and state statutes required them to pay for all of it. They tried another similar argument with the siding and gutters, which also were total losses.
The only way the insurance company can deny this claim is if the homeowner’s started the fire on purpose. The fire marshal had previously stated it was an electrical fire, and so did the fire expert the insurance company had sent out earlier. Bo pointed out where an electrical engineer sent out by the insurance company had previously marked areas where the fire could have started. He also made it clear that a lot of the home’s interior had been damaged not just by the fire, but also by the amount of water that had to be used to put the fire out.
The company adjuster tried to hedge. He stated that they couldn’t be sure what damage had already been present at the time of the fire. They would still only offer $30,000— which isn’t even enough to fix the roof.
Noble Public Adjusting Group’s team and the insurance company’s team continued to move through the house, looking at just how bad inside the damage really was. The presence of our public adjusters was forcing the insurance company to make sure they did an actually thorough inspection, something they wouldn’t have done without our team there. It started to become pretty clear that this was getting to the insurance company’s adjuster as well as the contractors they’d hired.
Once again, Bo Williamson demonstrated just how well we at Noble Public Adjusting Group know about what we do. He quoted the newest statutes on the books, making it clear that the insurance company would have to offer more money than they’d like. The level of hostility only continued to grow, causing the insurance company’s adjuster to shut down all discussion.
Two months later, the claim had been settled. It took us a little over 60 days, even with the insurance company dragging their feet the whole way. Noble’s public adjusters got the insurance company to pay for everything. Yes, everything. The Freemans received a total of $375,000. The Freemans were delighted to hear the news.
How does that $375,000 settlement break down?
Property damages: $200,000
Ordinance law: $50,000
Contents: $100, 000
Other structures: $12,500
Additional expenses: $12,500 (this covers rental house for 6 months while the house is rebuilt)
Join us for more of Insurance Wars on our YouTube channel as we continue our fight for you. We’re not afraid of the big insurance company’s and we’re on your side. If you are looking at filing an insurance claim, contact Noble Public Adjusting Group before you call your insurance company. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the money you deserve for your claim.

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