Home Damage? Make Sure the Insurance Company Pays Your Claim

Over the past decade, insurance companies have paid more than $450 billion in property damages to policyholders. This is great news for homeowners, but not such good news for your insurance provider. We all know what goes up must come down. This means there is now a backlash of insurance companies doing their level best to deny all home damage claims they possibly can.

Noble Public Adjusting Group really likes what David Barrack, executive director at the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters has to say about this, “They’ve gone from ‘good hands’ to boxing gloves.” The insurance industry refutes such claims. “Insurers strive to pay all legitimate claims as rapidly as possible,” said Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute, an industry trade group. He also noted that policyholders are protected by laws in all 50 states.

Home Damage? Make Sure the Insurance Company Pays Your Claim

Using a public adjuster to handle your home damage claim ups your chances of winning astronomically. Because the bottom line is this; there is a secret your insurance company doesn’t want you to know. When it comes down to court litigation, 95% of cases between homeowners and insurance companies favor the homeowner. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Noble Public Adjusting Group is an expert at handling all home damage insurance claims. Hopefully, if your claim is denied, we will never have to reach court litigation. But if it does happen, we love the battle and we win.

With that said, there are things you as a homeowner can do to make sure your insurance claim is paid. This article from CNN Money titled, Damaged Home? How to Get the Insurer To Pay Up, lays out definite steps to make sure you are doing everything you can to assure payment of your home damage claim. We have listed a few of those steps below:

“Prevent further damage — but don’t disturb the evidence: Board up broken windows, but don’t start cleanup or other significant work until after the insurance adjuster comes. Do not throw out damaged belongings until they have been examined and recorded by your insurer. That carpet that was ruined when a pipe burst may be a moldy mess but resist the urge to kick it to the curb until the adjuster gets there and tells you it’s okay to dispose of it. Also, if you have to live in a hotel for a while, or a rental apartment, keep the receipts. Those expenses should be reimbursed.

Consider hiring a public adjuster: If the claim is large, you might want to hire a public adjusterPublic adjusters work for policyholders, not the insurance company. Typically, they are veterans of the insurance industry, or they worked as contractors or engineers. In most cases, they are paid a percentage of the claim, usually 5% to 15%”.

home damage claimsWe couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks, CNN Money for the heads up to homeowners that the smart thing to do when you have a home damage claim is to hire a public adjuster. If you have a home damage claim, especially in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, please do yourself a favor and call us today. Noble has you, your home, and your family’s best interest in mind, always. 

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