Florida Public Adjuster Strongly Advises Creating a Home Inventory

In a previous Noble Public Adjusting Group blog post, we talked about the impending Deadly Spring Season in Florida. During this time of year-which runs from February through April-Florida homes are often severely damaged, or even totally destroyed, by major storms that deliver tornadoes, torrential rains, strong winds, and/or hail.

Florida Public Adjuster Strongly Advises Creating a Home Inventory

If you are a Florida homeowner, knowing this kind of weather is coming is the perfect time to create a home inventory. We can’t count the number of times, as a Florida public adjuster, that a homeowner has had a total loss insurance claim, but had no way to account for the contents of their home. By not having a home inventory beforehand, they were stuck with the daunting job of trying to piece together a list of their home’s contents. Often times this is where we as Florida public adjusters were able to save the day, making sure to get the homeowner the proper insurance settlement that covered the contents of their home, even without a pre-existing home inventory.

home inventoryYes, as your Florida public adjuster, we can make sure you receive payment from your insurance company for the contents of your home, even if you have no pre-existing home inventory. However, it makes everything so much easier, and your insurance payment comes much faster and can be much larger if you were smart and created a home inventory before your loss.

There are two other important reasons to have a home inventory. For one, it can help you decide how much homeowner insurance you need to purchase. Secondly, if there IS a loss, you can use this inventory to claim the loss on your income tax return.

Don’t think you are courting disaster by creating a home inventory. Hopefully, your home will be missed by the Florida Deadly Season. Just think of it like this; your home inventory is your private insurance policy. All it will take is your time, and could ultimately save you so much more time, money, and stress if disaster does strike. It is better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes, so the time to create your home inventory is now.

You don’t want to have to try and piece together your home inventory after a loss. That is a true nightmare, but unfortunately what most homeowners find themselves dealing with after a total loss. In fact, 4 out of 10 homeowners who experience a catastrophic loss did not have a home inventory and had to create one for their insurance claim, mostly relying on memory.

How to Create a Home Inventory

We would be remiss if we suggested that Florida homeowners create a home inventory, then not offer advice on how to do so. You will find that the hardest part really is getting started, but start you must. Below we have listed tips on how to create your home inventory. Once you peruse this list of tips, it is time to, as the rednecks say, ‘get ‘er done!’

  • Pick an easy spot to start–Contained areaslike your washroom, kitchen pantry, or any type of closet, is a great place to get started. This way you are starting small and building and won’t become overwhelmed at the size of the total task of creating a home inventory.
  • List recent purchases–Another great way to start is with recent purchases.Get into the inventory habit and then go back and tackle your older home contents.
  • Include the basic information–Describe each item, and note where you bought it, the make and model, what you paid and any other detail that might help in the event you need to make a homeowner loss claim.
  • Count clothing by general category–For example, “5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of sneakers…” Make note of any items that are especially valuable.
  • Record serial numbers–Usually found on the back or bottom of major appliances and electronic equipment, serial numbers are a useful reference.
  • Check coverage on big-ticket items–Jewelry, art, and collectibles may have increased in value and may need special coverage separate from your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. While you’re making your home inventory list, this is the perfect time to make sure you have adequate insurance for these items before there is a loss.
  • Don’t forget off-site items–Many homeowners don’t realize that your belongings kept in a self-storage facility are covered by your homeowner’s insurance too. Make sure you include them in your inventory.
  • Keep proof of value–Have a safe place to store sales receipts, purchase contracts, and appraisals with your list.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed – Once you’ve started your inventory, keep going even if you can’t get it all done immediately. It’s better to have an incomplete inventory than nothing at all.

By using these tips and creating a proactive home inventory, as a Florida homeowner you will feel so much better once this task is completed. If you have questions about your home inventory, have a home insurance claim you need help with, or just want to get to know us, call Noble Public Adjusting Group today.

We love hearing from Florida homeowners. Always remember, we work for YOU, the policyholder, not the insurance company. Our sole mission is to take the weight off of your shoulders and plant it firmly on ours when it comes to battling for your best settlement. On an average, we get homeowners 747% more on their claim than if they had taken care of it on their own. We cover the Florida Panhandle but can handle a claim anywhere in Florida and the US.

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